24 May 2024

Lovers Bridge Is Falling Down

Q. The 2024 Summer Olympics are coming. Start date: July 26th. Parisians are bracing for an athlete and tourist onslaught. Can visiting couples still declare their forever love by clamping their initials-engraved padlocks on Paris’ Pont des Arts Bridge? . A. Short answer: no. “The romantic gestures cause long-term heritage

11 May 2024

Best Trip Ever

Q. Think about some of your favourite trips. Where were you? How did you feel? What makes certain journeys so special to those who wander? . A. Our best trips often leave vivid sense memories – sounds, smells, tastes, colours. Those with extraordinary skill, like artist Georgia O’Keefe (1887-1986), can

27 Apr 2024

Got A Golden Ticket?

Q. For those lucky enough to even consider traveling this summer, the sticker shock is real. For the low price of 🙀, we are delighted to offer you one carry-on bag, a delusional departure time, and one mini glass of  ‘whatever you do, don’t drink the’ water. Then comes the

23 Apr 2024

Hotel Intrigue

Q. Who are those people trying to sneak in unseen? What on earth have they stuffed into that bulging, paint-streaked leather suitcase? And why is the front desk manager peeking out from the lobby bar and whispering into her phone? Hotels are inherently fascinating to we curious/nosy people. Add in

12 Apr 2024

Dropping In On David

Q. Which famous figures – of the stone, metal, and wooden variety – do you dream about visiting in cities afar? Which statues and sculptures are most likely to find themselves on travel bucket lists? . A. In looking across various search and visit-tracking statistics, you’ll find some common sculpted

05 Apr 2024

My Kingdom For A Toothbrush

Q. Packing for some unknowable reason took hours and hours. The flight was long; the hotel shower is beckoning. It’s dark out, too late to order food. I’ll just unpack some essentials, then get ready for…ack! How – with all the colour-coded packing cubes, technological paraphernalia, and hermetically sealed hair

25 Mar 2024

Painters Paint Paris

Q. With a moniker like ‘The City of Light’, it’s no wonder that Paris has inspired so many notable artists to pull out their palates. What have they created? . A. Here are some painterly examples from the twinkling river banks to the humming back streets of Paris… . .

05 Mar 2024

This Work Trip Is Not Sponsored By Logan Roy

Q. Work Trip. But make it Succession, The Diplomat, Emily in Paris, Suits. The bad news? You’ll be travelling with your psychopathic Dad Boss, treacherous, traumatized siblings, duplicitous husband, client-friend whose boyfriend you secretly love, or the congenitally suspicious overling who doesn’t know you faked your entire Harvard Law School

19 Feb 2024

Top Travel Knickknacks

Q. Many of us have specific souvenirs we are eager to bring back from specific countries. What are the most sought-after travel treasures? . A. It’s a question that the Club Med research team investigated in 2021. What did they find? . Top Souvenirs by Country Research • Antigua and

02 Feb 2024

Traveler Peeves

Q. Hurray for travel; bring it on! But let’s just poof there. No airports, no airplanes. Twitch your bewitched nose, Samantha Stephens. Hold our hands and apparate us there, Dumbledore . There is much to love about exploring new places, meeting new people, and experiencing new cultures. As the soft-focus