06 May 2021

Fisk, Fisk As Fast As You Can

Q. What are some little used or near-obsolete words to describe the act of running? . A. Absquattle To run away Dust To flee Fisk To run rather haphazardly Hie To move quickly Hobbledygee Somewhere between a walk and a jog Jaunce To run about willy nilly; to prance. As

14 Apr 2021

As If

Q. What makes some movie quotes so memorable? . A. Let’s start with The Hollywood Reporter’s 2016 poll of its readers around the most memorable movie quotes of all time. How many of the Top 10 can you place? Answers 👇🏼 . THR Top 10 Movie Quotes Poll i. “Frankly

22 Mar 2021

Time For A Zoom Hat

Q. The pandemic has not been kind to our hairdos. Some are letting locks grow where they will. Others are shopping for shears and going at it themselves. How many of us look like Thomas Gray’s 1757 poet in The Bard: A Pindaric Ode? ‘… With haggard eyes the poet

18 Mar 2021

Can’t Spell That

Q. What are the most commonly misspelled words? . A. The stories that autocorrect could tell. Are there certain words that stump us every time? “Tommorrow, Tomorow, I love ya, tommorow..” Some – student, teacher, employee, boss – have nightmares about being unable to spell simple words in public. When

27 Feb 2021

Spider-Man Says Hey

Q. Wakanda Forever! Now is as good a time as ever to get re-steeped in the MCU. Which words do key Avengers characters say most? . A. Someone has, of course, done the math. In 2018, data scientists Dr. Elle O’Brien and Matt Winn analyzed scripts and character word counts

15 Feb 2021

Just Peachy

Q. What are some common English idioms – current and past – built around fruit? . A. Pleasant Enough Apple of your eye Now this is a person who makes you proud; tops on your list. Like Comparing Apples and Oranges These two things are too dissimilar; you can’t really

13 Feb 2021

Old Words For New Scandals

Q. Scandals are piling up so quickly these days, it’s hard to keep them straight. Wait, who did that again? We’re going to need some more descriptors; one story sounds just like the last. Are there any ancient or abandoned words ready to spring back into action? . A. The

25 Jan 2021

Starts with S, ends with X

Q. What are some of the euphemisms that polite – or seemingly polite – society have used to describe love (or lust) making over the centuries? . A. . Amorous congress . Basket-making . Behind door work . A bit of summer cabbage . Blanket hornpipe . Boil the cabbage

09 Jan 2021

Puggles, Porcupettes + Pufflings

Q. We know about kits, cubs, calves, chicks, pups, but what are some less common names for baby animals? . A. Alligator: hatchling Ant: antling Alpaca: cria Baboon: infant Boar: shoat Cicada: nymph Cod: codling Cormorant: shaglet Echidna: puggle Goat or sheep: yeanling Grasshopper: nymph Hare: leveret Hedgehog: piglet .

28 Dec 2020

Detective + Spy Words

Q. What are some lesser used or vintage words for the world of spies and detectives? . A. Wannabe Nancy Drew/Hercule Poirot/Sherlock Holmes to the books … Argute Shrewd Birdwatcher A spy Cannon-Shooter A private investigator who specializes in tracking down pickpockets Chicken Feed The real but ultimately harmless intelligence