21 Sep 2021

Thinking Of Loud

Q. The loudest voice ever. You might feel like you’ve heard it… hollering at a sloppy-legged goaltender, greeting a mild acquaintance two blocks back, making sure everyone in the bar knows that it’s time for shots, shots, shots, shots, shots. What constitutes a voice that most would agree is Loud?

17 Sep 2021

Fall Favourites

Q. Chapter 16 of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s ‘Anne of Green Gables’ doesn’t bring us to a blissful cozy place with its title: ‘Diana Is Invited To Tea With Tragic Results’. Soon, however, Anne is delighting in the glories of a Prince Edward Island Fall. 🍄 ‘October was a beautiful month

14 Sep 2021

Long Time No See, Ludwig

Q. What would it be like to lock eyes with Bach, Beethoven, or The Girl With A Pearl Earring? . A. Well, thanks to Deep Nostalgia, we are one step closer to knowing. Using AI to animate vintage photos, My Heritage is focused on the world of family albums. Millions,

11 Sep 2021

Unsparing, Ungracious Un Words

Q. ‘Un’ words can seem unforgivably lazy. First, we invent a treasure cave of words. Then, we just slap ‘un’ on a bunch of them and claim the opposite meaning. Voila! Forgiving. Unforgiving. Grateful. Ungrateful. But, un words can also be unabashedly harsh. What are some of the most unencouraging

03 Sep 2021

Ogre Diva + Other Semordnilaps

Q. What is a Semordnilap? And what are some examples? . A. A Semordnilap is a two for one word: that’s one word when you read it forwards, and an altogether different word when you read it backwards. Any idea how they got this odd name? Answer at the bottom.

30 Aug 2021

Prize Emojis

Q. Do you have a favourite emoji? Maybe an ambiguous facial expression or innocent fruit that fills in your blanks just right. Do you use different emojis in and outside work? And how do your emoji preferences compare to others? . A. In a 2021 survey of 7,000 emoji users

26 Aug 2021

Rating Pepper Hotness

Q. For decades, cooks, bartenders, and derring-do diners have been rating the hotness of peppers with the Scoville scale. But what is the Scoville Scale and how was it developed? . A. We know that the Trinidad Scorpion rates near the top of the scale with a hotness rating of

23 Aug 2021

When I Grow Up

Q. What was your dream job when you were a child? How does that compare to the dreams of your peers? . A. A well-tooled detective who could avoid violence and make it home for tea at two? Sign me up. In a recent survey of 2000 American adults, Zety

16 Aug 2021


Q. We’ve been waiting on them for centuries now, but what exactly are tenterhooks? . A. Thankfully, they are not as grisly as one might imagine. For those who haven’t heard the phrase, being ‘on tenterhooks’ means that you’re on edge, nervous, waiting painfully to find something out, or to

09 Aug 2021

400 Alarm Clocks Walk Into The Symphony

Q. “At this time, we invite you to turn off all cell phones, smart watches, tablets, electronic devices..” Before cell phones became omnipresent, what sounds were most likely to interrupt on stage performances? . A. There have long been ill-timed coughs, crackling candy wrappers, and livestock who love themselves an