29 Jun 2022

Honey Moon?

Q. How did post-wedding bliss travel come to be called a ‘honeymoon’? . A. Some say the just-wedded bliss of the ‘honeymoon’ – or the ‘hony moone’ as it was called in Olde English – gets its name from the sweetness of honey and the short-lived prominence of the moon.

24 Jun 2022

Leap Less

Q. What are some idioms that caution us to avoid being too rash or impulsive? . A. Not surprisingly – given our well-documented human impetus for action – there are lots. This, particularly, when we’re courting danger! So, the don’ts follow… • Buy a pig in a poke • Carry

21 Jun 2022

Happy Sounds

Q. Are you a ceraunophile? That is: are you deeply fond of thunder and lightning? Do ‘swinter’ (enough with the swinter) storms have you plugging your ears under a mound of blankets? Or, are you ears wide open – relaxed, inspired, loving the crack and rumble of the thunder? Most

17 Jun 2022

With This Wedding Cake

Q. We are well into wedding season now. What are some wedding cake-related superstitions? . A. This sweet embodiment of forever love is rife with superstitions. Pity the Medieval couples forced to seal the fate of their marriage with wedding cake jenga. Great piles of spice buns were piled one

11 Jun 2022

You Left This In Your Uber

Q. We’re in and out – of buses, shared cars, rentals, hotels. What are we most likely to leave behind? . A. For one look in: Uber has come out with their 2022 Lost + Found Index. What do people leave in ride hails? Let’s start with the ‘most unique’

06 Jun 2022

Do We Like That?

Q. How malleable are our interpersonal and aesthetic opinions? How influenced are we by the context and the judgement of others? . A. Take a wander down the street, from one Living Room to the next, and note all the quirky, individual choices. People, art, furniture, books – surely we

30 May 2022

Best + Worst Surprises

Q. Are you a person who likes or dislikes surprises? What types of surprises tend to be better received? . A. One Poll sought out 2,000 adults for their good vs. bad surprise opinions. Their ranked results? The Best Surprises i. Randomly finding money  – e.g.: in the street or

22 May 2022

Anger Like A Full-Hot Horse

Q. Our animal friends (well, some of these friendships are best pursued from a distance) have inspired an impressive list of similes. What kinds of animal similes did Shakespeare use? . A. The Bard was ‘smooth as oil’ in his use of  animal similes. His, of course, are cut in

16 May 2022

A Penny For Luck

Q. What are some of the many luck-inspired superstitions centred around pennies? . A. One thing is for certain: there are a lot. Here in Canada, you better hold on tight to the pennies you have. Our Royal Mint stopped making the ‘costs more to make one than have one’

11 May 2022

Worst First Date Food

Q. What is the worst food to eat on a first dinner date? . A. From personal experience, I would advise all to stay well clear of French Onion Soup. A Food Network UK poll of 2000 Brits offers other precautions for that go/no go first stab at romance. Worst