21 Jun 2021

Deadly Drinks

Q. Some classic cocktails come with rather fearsome names. Examples? . A. Blood and Sand Said to be named after a 1922 Rudolf Valentino movie, the original Blood and Sand combines scotch, Cherry Heering liqueur or brandy, sweet vermouth, and orange juice. . Corpse Reviver This still popular cocktail is

17 Jun 2021

All Cloaks, Few Daggers

Q. Who knew there were so many words for cloak-like overgarments. What are some lesser-known or historic cloak words? . A. Abolla A thick, woollen cloak worn in Ancient Rome. Artois A loose, long cloak favoured by European women in the 18th Century. Capuchin A cloak with a hood, traditionally

14 Jun 2021

Dali Had An Ocelot

Q. Who are some well-known historic figures with unusual to alarming animal friends? . A. Audrey Hepburn’s Fawn In the 1959 film ‘Green Mansions’, Audrey Hepburn plays Rima, a ‘Bird Girl’ who lives in the forest. Green Mansions was less than a hit, but in the film – and in

09 Jun 2021

Lilibet, Elsa, or Zibby

Q. Congratulations to the Sussexes on the birth of wee Lilibet! Take it from a decidedly non-royal Elizabeth, certain names – especially those that have been around for a while – have an endless roster of commonly used variants (can we still use that word without cringing?) and nicknames. What

03 Jun 2021

Dogs In Art

Q. ‘Paint, write, sculpt what you know’. So, after more than a year locked in our homes, people are turning an artistic eye to their pets. Who are some of the more famous dogs in art? . A. We’ll start with the Brussels Griffon featured in our lead photo. Viewers

31 May 2021

Water Words

Q. What are some lesser known words related to nature wetness, to oceans, lakes, rivers.. . A. Bedewing Wet with dew, or something like it. Bight An open bay or bend in the coastline. Bore A steep wave, such as that caused by two tides coming together. Billabong Australian roots.

26 May 2021

You Eat What With What?

Q. Do you snack on any strange food combinations that would surprise those who don’t know you that well? Would you pair these foods  proudly in a public place, or is this strictly for in-house dining? . A. First things first. We Canadians are clearly not a poll-passionate people. But,

22 May 2021

Barber Surgeons, Bodgers, And Funeral Clowns

Q. What are some striking jobs from days gone by? . A. Barber Surgeon Yes. They did both. A little snip here, a little snip there. Barber surgeons were particularly active with soldiers in the Middle Ages. Some believe that the red and white swirl of the barber’s pole symbolizes

19 May 2021

Favourite Sounds

Q. Are you a ceraunophile? That is: are you deeply fond of thunder and lightning? On Monday evening, while the B.C. South Coast was absorbing 232 lightning strikes – 232! – over a 12 hour period, many were plugging their ears under a mound of blankets. Some, however, were ears

13 May 2021

Terrifying Town Names

Q. Fiction has brought us all kinds of alarming place names. Take C.S. Lewis who, in Chronicles of Narnia, invited us to: Burnt Island, Deathwater Island, Dragon Island .. Back on the workaday end of the wardrobe, what are some alarming town names on our maps? . A. Alligator Pond,