28 May 2024

Never Tell All You Know

Q. In Agatha Christie’s 1922 The Secret Adversary, Sir James Peel Edgerton has some pointed advice for Miss Prudence Cowley –  ‘known to her intimate friends for some mysterious reasons as “Tuppence.” Sir James’ nugget? “Great mistake to say too much. Remember that. Never tell all you know – not

24 May 2024

Lovers Bridge Is Falling Down

Q. The 2024 Summer Olympics are coming. Start date: July 26th. Parisians are bracing for an athlete and tourist onslaught. Can visiting couples still declare their forever love by clamping their initials-engraved padlocks on Paris’ Pont des Arts Bridge? . A. Short answer: no. “The romantic gestures cause long-term heritage

20 May 2024

Close, But No Cigar

Q. Mrs. Hodgepodge nearly did it. Her cabbage jelly was almost the best at the fair – second place – but it didn’t win. ‘Close, but no cigar.’ It’s a phrase we’ll throw out there without thinking, but where does it originate? . A. ‘Close, but no cigar’ is said

18 May 2024

Face Down With Prince

Q. Ever a man of secrets and intrigue, Prince (1958-2016) wasn’t one to go on and on about his musical inspirations. What’s an example of a Prince Rogers Nelson song where we do have some background story? . A. In an interview on The Current radio, Prince’s New Power Generation

16 May 2024

Sweet Talk

Q. Dinner is done. Your main stomach may be full, but your dessert stomach is very much still open for business. Which sweet treat will bring you the most delight? Which desserts do people crave most? . A. Last year, One Poll and Nothing Bundt asked this sweet question of

13 May 2024

Turn The Music Up

Q. It’s a good day – so grateful. Time to turn the music up loud and dance,  perhaps with the curtains closed. What’s your first song choice for this private dance party?  What’s that song you put on when you want to either revel in your good mood or fast

12 May 2024

Happy Mother’s Day!

Q. Happy Mother’s Day Weekend to all you amazing Mothers, and to those celebrating their Mums in person, at a distance, or in memorium. ♥ How have artists captured their mothers in portraits over the centuries? . . A. Albrecht Durer. Portrait of Barbara. The Artist’s Mother.  1490 . Rembrandt

11 May 2024

Best Trip Ever

Q. Think about some of your favourite trips. Where were you? How did you feel? What makes certain journeys so special to those who wander? . A. Our best trips often leave vivid sense memories – sounds, smells, tastes, colours. Those with extraordinary skill, like artist Georgia O’Keefe (1887-1986), can

08 May 2024

We Have 12 Vacancies. 12 Cabins, 12 Vacancies

Q. It’s been 64 years, yet Bernard Herrman’s musical score for Hitchcock’s Psycho movie continues to feature prominently in rankings of the Top Film Scores Ever. The American Film Institute, for instance, rates Herrmann’s Psycho score at #4, after John Williams’ Star Wars, Max Steiner’s Gone with the Wind and Maurice

06 May 2024

Tudor Bonnets And Spy Balloons

Q. What are some of the lucky words that have been bestowed official word status in the 2024 Oxford dictionary? . A. With a 150-year history and 500,000 word and phrase entries, the Oxford Dictionary is ever evolving. In March of this year, the OED added 1,000 new or revised