14 Apr 2021

As If

Q. What makes some movie quotes so memorable? . A. Let’s start with The Hollywood Reporter’s 2016 poll of its readers around the most memorable movie quotes of all time. How many of the Top 10 can you place? Answers 👇🏼 . THR Top 10 Movie Quotes Poll i. “Frankly

10 Apr 2021


Q. Quiet. With all of the covid chatter – inside crowded apartments, chart-stuffed newscasts, teeming brains – many are looking for a little peace and quiet. How have artists captured this idea of ‘quiet’? . A. The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘quiet’ as: • ‘Absence of noise or bustle; silence; calm.

06 Apr 2021

Doctor Of Spin

Q. We know it’s bad. Just give it to us straight. No spin. Wait. Why is the word ‘spin’ used in this context? . A. Spin. After a while you come to recognize the facial, vocal, and verbal tells when Spokesperson X is locking into their spin. Oh boy. Here

03 Apr 2021

Creme Eggs: Yes Or No?

Q.  It’s time. The Easter Bunnies are starching their bowties and dusting their baskets. Question is: will you be glad to receive a yellow-yolked, chocolate creme egg? Yes or No? . A. We’ll start by admitting that we are unabashedly, pass the purple foil, ready the sweetest buds: Yes. But,

31 Mar 2021

He Who Gobbles All The Candy Corn

Q. But who would you rather talk to at a party: the one who ate the marshmallow, or the one who let it be? . A. At this point, we’re all marshmallow-savvy. Let’s move it to the world of candy. Tony and Steve share a secret vice: they are both

22 Mar 2021

Time For A Zoom Hat

Q. The pandemic has not been kind to our hairdos. Some are letting locks grow where they will. Others are shopping for shears and going at it themselves. How many of us look like Thomas Gray’s 1757 poet in The Bard: A Pindaric Ode? ‘… With haggard eyes the poet

18 Mar 2021

Can’t Spell That

Q. What are the most commonly misspelled words? . A. The stories that autocorrect could tell. Are there certain words that stump us every time? “Tommorrow, Tomorow, I love ya, tommorow..” Some – student, teacher, employee, boss – have nightmares about being unable to spell simple words in public. When

13 Mar 2021

Sweet Peas And Mouldy Cheese

Q. Stop and smell the roses. Those chocolate chip cookies smell like home. We’re not surprised to hear of scents that trigger memories and make us happy. But are scents associated more broadly with different emotions? . A. We can start with this.. Please complete these sentences as quickly as

10 Mar 2021

That Scream

Q. The Scream. It’s one of the world’s most recognizable paintings, much replicated from art textbooks to extreme memes. What led artist Edvard Munch to create such a tortured painting? . A. ‘I inherited two of mankind’s most frightful enemies—the heritage of consumption and insanity,’  Edvard Munch wrote in his

06 Mar 2021

Canadian Travel Dreams

Q. We may be sheltered in place, but we can still dream about where we’d like to go when travel is safe again. Where do Canadians dream about voyaging? . A. One dreamy vote here for Harbour Island in the Bahamas – pink sand, gentle turquoise waves, white picket fences,