20 May 2023

Are You Your Mother?

Q. “Eep. I’m turning into my parents”. This is less than welcome news in the land of sitcoms and streams. In real life, how similar do people think they are to their parents? How similar do you think you are to your parents? How does this perceived difference or similarity

03 May 2023

Summer Travel Dreams 2023

Q. Now that we’re into May, summer vacation days are peeking over the horizon. Where are the places that we’re dreaming that we can visit as we take a break from work, from school? . A. In digging into Google’s ample data – which includes flight and accommodation searches –

14 Mar 2023

Name That Country Motto

Q. What is the official motto for your country? . A. Chances are that you can identify the flags, national anthems, signature foods and most popular sports of a number of countries. But what about the neglected national mottos? Country Motto Challenge How many of these mottos can you link

25 Feb 2023


Q. ‘Yipes. I can’t believe I just did that’. We’ve all been there (some of us more than others 🥸) Think of something embarrassing you did in the last day, week, month, year. All in all, what kinds of moments do people find most awkward? . A. Aussie polled 2000

24 Feb 2023

P.S. X Loves You

Q. Not sure how to write that semi-casual business email, shower gift thank you note, mildly flirtatious text, love letter for the ages? You don’t have to look far on the internet to find templates for even the most obscure communications. But, what about back in the day? Where could

03 Feb 2023

Forget It

Q. Day to day, what are we most likely to forget and why? . A. “Why did I come upstairs?” “Hey look there’s, um, he’s waving at us. Ugh. What’s his name?” “Has anyone seen my car keys?!” Does any of this sound familiar? The worst is when our so-called

22 Jan 2023

Most Prized Personal Possessions

Q. What are your most prized material possessions?  What do you hope you’ll have tucked safely at home, or in your pocket, no matter what, no matter where. . A. This is a question that One Poll asked of 2,000 North American adults. What did the respondents report treasuring most?

31 Dec 2022

Smashing Pomegranates

Q. It’s New Year’s Eve! What is a particularly exciting tradition to mark the transition to a New Year? . A. The Greeks have a serious contender. Over the Christmas season, families will hang a prize pomegranate on their front doors. As the clocks nears twelve, these Greek families will

16 Dec 2022

Canada’s Whats, Whys + Hows. 2022

Q. As ever, Google offers a fascinating peek into our national preoccupations. To what questions were Canadians seeking answers in 2022? . A. According to the latest Google Trends research, Canadians in 2022 were asking.. What Is.. i. Monkeypox ii. NATO iii. RSV iv. Wordle v. NFT vi. Aphasia vii.

01 Dec 2022

A Whiff Of Nostalgia

Q. Are there any scents which quickly plunk you back in your childhood? . A. One Poll asked this question of 2,000 adults in the UK. Do any of their answers line up with yours? Top 20 Smells That Remind Us Of Our Childhoods i. Fresh-cut grass ii. Specific home-cooked