13 Jul 2021

Tick Tock Grandfather Clock

Q. Why are they called grandfather clocks? And why do these stately time-keepers haunt so many mystery and horror stories? . A. First: what makes it a ‘grandfather clock?’ Most definitions include four key features: 1) a pendulum, 2) a wooden case, 3) tallness – generally more than 6 feet,

24 Jun 2021

Most Hated Chores

Q. Is there anything more tedious than wiping down groceries? Ok, yes. But..ugh. Lockdown life introduced us to new and perfectly awful household chores to add to the list. As a rule, what type of housework do people despise the most? . A. Earlier this year, YouGov surveyed 1775 US

14 Jun 2021

Dali Had An Ocelot

Q. Who are some well-known historic figures with unusual to alarming animal friends? . A. Audrey Hepburn’s Fawn In the 1959 film ‘Green Mansions’, Audrey Hepburn plays Rima, a ‘Bird Girl’ who lives in the forest. Green Mansions was less than a hit, but in the film – and in

22 May 2021

Barber Surgeons, Bodgers, And Funeral Clowns

Q. What are some striking jobs from days gone by? . A. Barber Surgeon Yes. They did both. A little snip here, a little snip there. Barber surgeons were particularly active with soldiers in the Middle Ages. Some believe that the red and white swirl of the barber’s pole symbolizes

28 Apr 2021

Archiving Smells

Q. Are there any signature scents from your childhood that you haven’t smelled for years? Do you think those scent memories will sit strong in your brain, or will the fragrant details start to fade? . A. First, we can start by exploring which smells people most frequently associate with

21 Apr 2021

Round Dodgers

Q. Remember, back in the day, when it was safe to go out for cocktails, mocktails, and bar snacks with friends? How is it that some people order up a storm, then manage to make themselves scarce when it’s their turn to buy the next round for the table? .

31 Mar 2021

He Who Gobbles All The Candy Corn

Q. But who would you rather talk to at a party: the one who ate the marshmallow, or the one who let it be? . A. At this point, we’re all marshmallow-savvy. Let’s move it to the world of candy. Tony and Steve share a secret vice: they are both

13 Mar 2021

Sweet Peas And Mouldy Cheese

Q. Stop and smell the roses. Those chocolate chip cookies smell like home. We’re not surprised to hear of scents that trigger memories and make us happy. But are scents associated more broadly with different emotions? . A. We can start with this.. Please complete these sentences as quickly as

06 Mar 2021

Canadian Travel Dreams

Q. We may be sheltered in place, but we can still dream about where we’d like to go when travel is safe again. Where do Canadians dream about voyaging? . A. One dreamy vote here for Harbour Island in the Bahamas – pink sand, gentle turquoise waves, white picket fences,

18 Feb 2021

Masterful Mimicry

Q. How is it that some people are so good at mimicking day to day sounds – popping corks, robot vacuums, espresso machines, car alarms? . A. We have certainly heard remarkable mimicry in our animal friends. As we see in the David Attenborough-narrated video below, the incredible lyre bird