17 Nov 2023

But Did You Bring Cloves?

Q. The wasps – ugh – were at peak annoying this summer. ‘I’m sorry, did you think we would just let you sit outside?’ Were those giant monsters murder hornets, or just garden variety villains fat from all the sugar water they were stealing from the hummingbirds? To combat this

31 Oct 2023

Wednesday Addams

Q. Chances are we’ll see plenty of Wednesday Addams out and about this Halloween. She’s an iconic character and a fantastic last minute costume choice for those of us with longish dark hair and access to a white-collared shirt. When and how did this bebraided character get her start? . A. Google

23 Oct 2023

Buddy Wants His Treat Now

Q. We’ve been seeing a lot more pet clothes out and about the street this year – sweaters, coats, booties, bowties, tiaras. Halloween will surely up the ante. What can we expect dogs, cats, bunnies and our other fancy furry friends to be wearing October 31st? . A. The National

14 Sep 2023

A Candlestick, A Dagger + A Decent Bottle Of Poison

Q. The mystery genre is as popular as ever – top 3 in best-sellers for centuries. As the perennial favourite Agatha Christie said: “Give me a decent bottle of poison, and I’ll construct the perfect crime.” Amidst shelves and shelves of cryptonyms and creepholes, which detectives, books and authors have

08 Sep 2023

Happy Fall Favourites

Q. Fall 2023 doesn’t arrive until September 22/23rd, depending on your time zone. But, for many of us, the crisp of the season is already in the air. What do you like best about Fall? How do your likes stack up against the list below? . A. One Poll asked

25 Aug 2023

It’ll Be Mother

Q. What hidden truths would come out if you painted your mother? Or another key person who raised you?  Which period of their life would you choose? Which facial features would you consciously, or unconsciously, emphasize? What did these artists see and learn about themselves in painting their mothers? .

21 Aug 2023

Mob Bosses, Evil Twins + Rampant Amnesia

Q. Snooty CEO Ned Quartermaine of the Quartermaines slipped poolside, smacked his head, and passed out. Would he wake up from the medically-induced coma that followed? Yes. Would he be himself? Of course not. When Ned’s eyes blinked open, he was his long-snuffed, 80s rocker alter ego: Eddie Quartermaine. It’s

11 Aug 2023

Bake, Read, Hike, Repeat

Q. Sometimes we get so busy with the this and the that – the work, the chores, the cleaning – that we forget to eke out time for the stress-releasing hobbies we love. What are your favourite hobbies? What hobbies are most popular in North America? . A. In 2023,

20 Jul 2023

Hilarious Or Horrifying?

Q. Prank shows are having another moment. Do you like watching prank videos, or being caught in escalating prank wars? Or do thoughts of indelible ink, fake bosses, exploding patients, and hidden audiences fill you with dread? What insights have people gathered about pranking? . A. First, what is a

21 Jun 2023

Good News or Bad News First?

Q. I have good news and bad news. Which do you want to hear first? Why? And what does your order choice mean? . A. Personally, I want to hear the bad news first. Otherwise, I’ll be dreading it the whole time I’m hearing the good. And what if the