20 Jul 2024

If At First Your Invention Stinks

Q. What are some examples of inventions that were a flop to start, but then found new life put to an altogether different purpose? . A. As it turns out, there have been lots. Our first look in… Bubble Wrap How do you feel about the pop, pop, pop of

30 Jun 2024

13 Canadian Food Inventions

Q. Happy Canada Day Weekend! For those who live in Canada: what will you be eating to celebrate? What are some foods that were ‘invented’ in Canada? . A. Since we’re writing from BC, we’ll start in the deep woods… If you are hiking in the forest and want to

25 Jun 2024

Not So Boss

Q. Do leaders’ communication skills get better and better as they ascend the power rungs? No. But, according to studies, plenty of these ascendant leaders mistakenly believe that they are knocking their speechifying and one-on-ones out of the park. Why the disconnect? What aren’t these bosses saying, hearing, and doing?

12 Jun 2024

Taking Names

Q. What was the most common first name amongst your high school friends? Beware the person asking you that question. Particularly if they are smoking a pipe, wearing a trench coat, and shadowing their eyes beneath a herringbone cap. Well, perhaps, beware this person in general. But know that, here,

05 Jun 2024

Hobble Skirts + Fanny Packs

Q. Have you jumped on any fashion trends that you now regret? Rip up those pictures. Slap that abomination into a box and send it to someone who sees things differently. What are some once-adopted clothing options that people later rue? . A. In 2021, The List asked 687 American

13 May 2024

Turn The Music Up

Q. It’s a good day – so grateful. Time to turn the music up loud and dance,  perhaps with the curtains closed. What’s your first song choice for this private dance party?  What’s that song you put on when you want to either revel in your good mood or fast

04 May 2024

Imperial Head Bonbon

Q. Rifle through a kindergarten fun trunk, and there’s a good chance you’ll find a Candy Land board game or two. Have you played Candy Land? What’s the story behind this ever-popular game? . A. All the plotting in the world won’t help you crush in Candy Land. Win, lose

23 Apr 2024

Webby Super Wow

We are so excited and so grateful! We just got the news that the Just Curious site won a 2024 People’s Voice Webby Award. 🙏🏼🥳🌞 Thank you so much to everyone who voted for us. . . Just Curious. People’s Voice Webby Award Winner 2024 . Thank You!!! Wow 💜 .

21 Apr 2024

Horror House Patents

Q. The annals of patent history hold creations that have made our day to day lives so much easier – kettles, vacuums, washing machines. Hidden in the depths are wild ideas that would have made home life – and sleepovers –  a lot more creepy than cozy. Examples…? . A.

02 Apr 2024

Webby Wow!

Day made! We are over the moon to hear that the Just Curious site is nominated for a Webby Award. What an honour to be included in such an amazing group of nominees. . . *So appreciate it if you click here if you have the time to vote* .