31 May 2024

The Last Chocolate

Q. Restaurants and online shops spend a great deal of time word-smithing their food offerings. Are the waves of artisanal chocolate running down a ‘slope’ or a ‘bank’ of ice-cream? But can the way our food is described affect our taste experience? A. Yes. Yes it can. Imagine you are

16 May 2024

Sweet Talk

Q. Dinner is done. Your main stomach may be full, but your dessert stomach is very much still open for business. Which sweet treat will bring you the most delight? Which desserts do people crave most? . A. Last year, One Poll and Nothing Bundt asked this sweet question of

02 May 2024

That Better Not Be A Mushroom

Q. Pity the poor parent trying to introduce nutrition to the child with a heightened sense of smell, colour, texture, and taste. “You’ll like it!” 🤗 Pity the poor child faced with a fetid, sooty lump of death disguised as food. 🤐 Which foods are kids most likely to reject

18 Apr 2024

Serve This At Your Own Peril

Q. Those kindly neighbours from two doors down have brought you over a jar of their favourite anchovies. “I mean…they’re the best!” Are you jumping for joy? Or silently vowing to never open your front door again? There’s no doubt that certain foods are intensely polarizing. Oysters, anyone? 😷 Which

16 Apr 2024

Deadly Drinks

Q. You don’t have to look far to find classic cocktails with fearsome names. Examples? . A. Blood and Sand Said to be named after a 1922 Rudolf Valentino movie, the original Blood and Sand combines scotch, Cherry Heering liqueur or brandy, sweet vermouth, and orange juice. . Corpse Reviver

09 Apr 2024

Fairy Floss

Q. It was pure carny magic. The gleaming sugar crystals would rain into the heart of the silver pan. The bestriped man would taunt us with his white paper sabre, whisking it round and round the edges. First nothing, then suddenly the pink, purple or blue cloud would start to

30 Mar 2024

Jamaican Spice Bun + Cheese

Q. Come Easter weekend, Dad and I were more than happy to tuck into the Spice Bun and Cheese Mum laid out to celebrate the season. What do we know about this delicious Jamaican tradition? . A. Jamaican Easter bun is said to be an offshoot of British hot cross

18 Mar 2024

Love & Nanaimo Bars

Q. Is it reasonable to assume that the utterly delicious Nanaimo Bar originated in Nanaimo, British Columbia? . A. Reasonable? Yes. Safe? Hmm… When something is so delicious – a layer of creamy chocolate that gives way to a vanilla custard middle which sits atop graham wafers and coconut –

01 Mar 2024

Nuts For Peanuts

Q. Happy National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day. Are you one of the besotted? If so, are you Team Smooth (🤟🏽) or Team Crunch? Are you PB + or – J? Do you prefer your peanut butter straight-up, or happily nestled in chocolate, cookies, or pie? What are some nuggets that

14 Feb 2024

Lucky Clementines

Q. Happy Valentine’s Day! And prosperity, happiness, and good health to you as we usher in the Year of the Dragon. What are some signs of good fortune to mark Lunar New Year? . A. One of the most commonly offered symbols of good fortune and abundance is the orange,