Choose Your Superpower

Magic wands are waving willy nilly. Enchanted potions are bubbling out of every glass. Which superpower will you choose?



Take the following list, for instance. Which one of these superpowers would you most like to wield?

The ability to
a) fly
b) read people’s minds
c) teleport
d) time travel
e) turn invisible

What’s the first thing you would do with your impressive new skill?

The driving motive behind the superhero choice is interesting. Some will use their superpowers to smite evil. Others will prank, spy, ambush foes, travel somewhere marvellous, visit the departed, learn unusual things…

Marist Institute for Public Opinion polled over 1000 adults about their #1 Superpower choice. Survey said…

i. Read people’s minds: 28%
i. Time Travel: 28%
ii. Fly: 16%
iii. Teleport: 11%
iv. Invisible: 10%
v. Unsure: 8% 🥴



In a more elaborate poll of 2,000 in the UK, hmv found:

The Top 10 Most Wanted Superpowers 

1. Invisibility (15.15%)
2. Healing (14.5%)
3. Time travel (13.8%)
4. Flying (11.9%)
5. Immortality (8.55%)
6. Teleportation (6.55%)
7. Communicating with animals (6.2%)
8. Mind control (5.15%)
9. Telepathy (2.45%)
10. Superhuman strength (2%)


Photos: Daniele Levis Pelusi


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