Dogs In Art

‘Paint, write, sculpt what you know’. So, after more than a year locked in our homes, people are turning an artistic eye to their pets. Who are some of the more famous dogs in art?



We’ll start with the Brussels Griffon featured in our lead photo. Viewers continue to marvel at the remarkable realism with which Jan Van Eyck painted this furry companion in his 1434 Arnolfini Portrait. This most famous portrait of Italian cloth merchant Giovanni Arnolfini, and his fancifully green-dressed wife Giovanna Cenami hangs at the National Portrait Gallery in London. The ready for action dog here is said to represent fidelity – ‘fido.’

Whether symbolic or literal representations of loving loyalty, a number of dogs have found their way into fancy paintings.


Lavinia Fontana. Portrait of a Noblewoman. 1580

Diego Velázquez. Las Meninas. 1656

Frans van Mieris. The Letter Writer. 1680

Jean Honoré Fragonard. The Love Letter. Early 1770s

Jan Adam Kruseman. Portrait of Alida Christina Assink. 1833

Nicholas Toussaint Charlet. Head of a Dog. ~ 1845

Rosa Bonheur. A Limier Briquet Hound. 1856

Édouard Manet. Tama, the Japanese Dog. 1875

August Renoir. Madame Georges Charpentier and her children. 1878

Thomas Eakins. The Artist’s Wife and his Setter Dog. 1884-89

John Singer Sargent. Woman with Collie. After 1890

Edvard Munch. In the Kennel. 1913

Otto Dix. Hugo Erfurth with Dog. 1926

Edward Hopper. Cape Cod Evening. 1939


Frieda Kahlo. Self Portrait with Small Monkey. 1945

Pablo Picasso. Femme au chien. 1962

Roy Lichtenstein. Grrrrrrrrrrr!! 1965

Andy Warhol. Portrait of Maurice. 1976


Andy Warhol + Jean-Michel Basquiat. Untitled (Dogs). 1984

Lucien Freud. Double Portrait. 1985


David Hockney. Dog Days. 1996



Water Words


Lilibet, Elsa, or Zibby

Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton