Got A Golden Ticket?

For those lucky enough to even consider traveling this summer, the sticker shock is real. For the low price of 🙀, we are delighted to offer you one carry-on bag, a delusional departure time, and one mini glass of  ‘whatever you do, don’t drink the’ water. Then comes the accommodation…

How are people exercising their wanderlust in this Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks world?



Harris Poll and NerdWallet surveyed 2,000 US adults about their 2024 summer travel plans. A number did say that high costs meant no travel for them this summer…

2024 Poll. Why I’m not traveling this summer
i. Inflation has made travel too expensive – 22%
ii. Inflation has made my other expenses too expensive so I can’t afford to take a summer vacation – 19%
iii. I’m taking a vacation this summer, but not for a trip requiring a flight/hotel – 17%
iv. I’m saving up for a vacation in 2025 or beyond – 10%


And what steps were determined travelers taking to save money?

2024. How I’m saving money traveling this summer
i. Driving instead of flying – 42%
ii. Choosing a hotel/motel/resort based on price instead of amenities – 39%
iii. Choosing a flight based on price instead of convenience – 35%
iv. Using credit card points/miles to cover expenses – 35%
v. Staying with friends/family instead of a hotel/motel – 29%
vi. Choosing a flight not on my preferred airline because of the price – 20%
vii. Not checking bags – 15%


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Elizabeth Newton