It Never Left The Suitcase

Two questions:

i. What possessed me to buy this one-of-a-kind outfit?
ii. Why did I think it was worth stuffing it into my suitcase, just in case the ‘perfect’ occasion should magically present itself while we’re on vacation? Probability? 🍩

Which items do travellers most often pack and then leave wilting untouched in their suitcases?



May we learn from our past mistakes. One Poll and Trunk Club asked 2,000 adults to identify the clothes they pack for vacation but never use. Survey says…


Top 10 Clothing Items Left Unworn On Vacation
• Jackets. 24%
• Long-sleeve shirt. 24%
• Pairs of socks. 23%
• Suits. 23%
• Sweatshirt. 22%
• Pairs of shoes. 20%
• Jeans. 20%
• Bathing suit. 20%
• Dresses. 19%
• Beach clothing. 19%


There I’ll be, gliding down the sand in my boho coverlet, platform sandals, and flower crown…



The poll also asked respondents how far in advance they pack. Are you more likely to take superfluous items if you pack way in advance, if you pack at the last minute, or is it a time-independent problem?

How Far In Advance Do You Pack?
• A few hours before. 7%
• Less than a day before. 23%
• 1-2 days before. 28%
• 3-5 days before. 20%
• 6-7 days before. 9%
• 8 or more days before. 13%


Header Photo: Marlen Stahlhuth

Photo 2: Autumn Goodman


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