Most Tempting Holiday Foods

As we dive deep into holiday season, do you find yourself craving certain foods?

Perhaps your food cravings are nostalgic. Perhaps those holiday ads – rippled chips and french onion dip! – are doing their mischief.  Which foods do North American palates find most tempting over the winter holiday season?



Last November, One Poll asked 2000 adults about their holiday food temptations. Desserts topped the list:

Most Tempting Holiday Desserts
i. Pumpkin Pie – 16%
ii. Apple Pie – 15%
iii. Sugar Cookies – 14%
iii. Cinnamon Rolls – 14%
iv. Cherry Pie – 10%


Wayne Thiebaud. Pie Counter. 1963


Next up on the guilt-inducing temptation list were seasonal drinks.

Most Tempting Holiday Drinks
i. Hot Chocolate – 18%
i. Egg Nog – 18%


And which foods were these 2000 respondents most likely to grab between holiday errands?

Most Common On-The-Go Holiday Snacks
i. Cookies – 24%
ii. Candy – 17%
ii. Leftovers- 17%

Wayne Thiebaud. Seven Suckers. 1970



On the flip side, which classic holiday foods do North Americans dislike, even if they feel compelled to stuff them down at the family table?



In another survey of 2000 adults, The Harris Poll Group found..

Most Disliked Thanksgiving Foods
i. Canned cranberry sauce – 29%
ii. Green bean casserole – 24%
iii. Sweet potatoes/sweet potato casserole – 22%
iv. Pumpkin pie – 21% (There are people above who’d be happy to take your serving)
v. Turkey – 19%


Header: Wayne Thiebaud. Cakes. 1963




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