No Love For Circus Peanuts

Trick or Treat! Your smile is big; your Super Spy costume is on point. Now, bring on the candy.

“George!” The third Weird Barbie to answer your knocking is now hollering over her right shoulder. “We’re out of candy! George!”

George is bashing about the back room, banging in and out of cupboards.


Do you stick around to see what George unearths? If yes: what kind of candy are you hoping he will bring? And, more importantly: what kind of candy are you sincerely hoping that George will not bring?



Well, if candystore’s 12,000 respondents have anything to say about it, George best look some more if he’s thinking of refilling the bowl with circus peanuts.

Some of us may actually like those ‘banana’-flavoured, marshamallowy five-and-dime candies. But, we are in the minority…


Worst Halloween Candies 2023

According to candystore’s 12,000 respondents, the worst Halloween candies are…

i. Circus Peanuts
ii. Candy Corn
iii. Necco Wafers
iv. Peanut Butter Kisses
v. Wax Coke Bottles
vi. Mary Janes
vii. American Smarties (the candies, not the Canadian candy-covered chocolate ones)
viii. Black Licorice
ix. Bits-O-Honey
x. Tootsie Rolls


Header Photo: Eric Tompkins



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Elizabeth Newton