Round Dodgers

Remember, back in the day, when it was safe to go out for cocktails, mocktails, and bar snacks with friends? How is it that some people order up a storm, then manage to make themselves scarce when it’s their turn to buy the next round for the table?



The British have a name for these glug and bolt types: round dodgers. A few years back, Marston’s Pedigree commissioned a survey of 2,000 British adults to uncover the tactics behind this sneaky round dodging. What did they find?

Round Dodgers were willing to reveal their secrets. Anonymously, of course …


The Round Dodgers’ Playbook
1. Arrive early and buy your own drink before anyone else gets there.
2. Buy the first round when barely anyone is there.
3. Arrive just after everyone else so they already have their drinks.
4. Drink super slowly when it’s almost your turn to buy the next round. Someone else will get impatient and beat you to it.
5. Always be ready to dash to the washroom.
6. Plan to buy one of the last rounds when most people have left.
7. Leave – oh so reluctantly – right before it’s your turn to buy.
8. Go outside – you’re hot, you see someone you know, you smoke.
9. Oh no! I forgot my wallet 😢
10. Is that my phone? Pretend you are suddenly getting an important, live in the flesh, phone call.

In the Pedigree Poll, 38% of men admitted to round dodging versus 31% of women. 40% of respondents say they order fancy, expensive drinks when others are buying, and cheap swill when it’s their turn to pay.

Are these dodgers wracked with guilt? 10% could care less. 17% do worry that others will frown upon them. 20% of the respondents say that this drink dodging had led to major friendship ruptures.

When we emerge from our bubbles: consider yourself warned.

Header: Jennifer Pallian


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