That Better Not Be A Mushroom

Pity the poor parent trying to introduce nutrition to the child with a heightened sense of smell, colour, texture, and taste. “You’ll like it!” 🤗

Pity the poor child faced with a fetid, sooty lump of death disguised as food. 🤐

Which foods are kids most likely to reject out of hand?



One Poll and Insinkerator (!) polled 2,000 parents about the top ten foods their kids refuse to eat.

Perhaps the list is familiar to you. Or, perhaps the kids in your life or the younger you count/ed these amongst your favourites.


Top 10 Foods Most Likely To Be Flat-Out Rejected By Kids
i.     Mushrooms
ii.    Avocado
iii.   Cabbage
iv.   Tomatoes
v.    Broccoli
vi.   Lettuce
vii.  Green Beans
viii. Onions
ix.   Peppers
x.     Salmon


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