Traveler Peeves

Hurray for travel; bring it on! But let’s just poof there. No airports, no airplanes. Twitch your bewitched nose, Samantha Stephens. Hold our hands and apparate us there, Dumbledore .

There is much to love about exploring new places, meeting new people, and experiencing new cultures. As the soft-focus card-makers say: ‘it’s all about the journey.’ But what are some craw-stickers that can make said journey a little less blissful?



In their 2024 ‘State of Travel’ Report, Global reports out on their survey of thousands of travellers. Respondents biggest air travel pet peeves? Not surprisingly these relate to behaviours from our fellow wanderers…


2024 Traveller Pet Peeves. Global
i.     Having a cough or cold and not wearing a mask. 27% 👈🏼
ii.    Not using headphones to listen to music. 15%
iii.   Kicking or pulling on the back of your seat. 15%
iv.   Reclining without checking or during meals. 11%
v.    Standing up as soon as the flight lands. 7%
vi.   Taking off their shoes. 6%. 😱
vii.  Crowding the boarding area before boarding. 6%
viii. Hogging the middle arm rest. 6%
ix.   Wearing strong perfume or cologne. 4%
x.   Insisting on talking to you when you clearly don’t want to engage. 3%



So as not to end on stranger-danger feet and elbows, what did this 2024 State of Travel survey discover about the things that inspire people to choose particular travel destinations?


Why There? Global Survey. 2024
i.  Found a good deal on a flight. 62%
ii.  A friend or family member recommended the place. 56%
iii. A special event or festival there that I wanted to attend. 29%
iv. Saw a photo or video of the destination on social media. 27%
v.  Read an article about the place in a travel magazine. 22%



Header Photo: Denys Nevozhai
Photo 2: Jamie Tudor



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