13 Feb 2023

The Art Of Love – Requited + Not So Requited

Q. With tomorrow – Valentine’s Day – comes a spotlight on romantic love. Some revel in the celebration: chocolates, candies, flowers! Others can do without the reminder or the calendar pressure, thank you very much. What are some famous paintings that celebrate the joys, pains, and drama of love? . .

07 Feb 2023

Aristotle’s Heart

Q. As Valentine’s Day draws near: what are some ways in which luminaries of the past have celebrated the heart? . A. If there is one person who would appreciate our love of Valentine’s Day hearts, it’s Aristotle. ‘The seat of the soul and the control of voluntary movement –

03 Feb 2023

Forget It

Q. Day to day, what are we most likely to forget and why? . A. “Why did I come upstairs?” “Hey look there’s, um, he’s waving at us. Ugh. What’s his name?” “Has anyone seen my car keys?!” Does any of this sound familiar? The worst is when our so-called

31 Jan 2023

Caught Red-Handed

Q. Afraid to ask, but where does the expression ‘caught red-handed’ come from? . A. Caught Red-Handed Blood on their hands. Today, if you’re ‘caught red-handed,’ you’ve been busted in the midst of a transgression; there’s no denying what you’ve done. The phrase dates back to 15th Century Scotland where the

28 Jan 2023

Stranger Things Happened

Q. Debates rage around how best to measure viewership across private and public platforms. But, one thing we know for sure: many of us spend much time streaming masses of content. Which shows were particularly popular in 2022? . A. OG cable trackers Nielsen are now using ‘people-powered panels and

25 Jan 2023

Let Them See Cake

Q. January may be the universal ‘eat less, exercise more’ month. But, surely we can have some remembrances of things past through art. What are some notable works that celebrate the decadence of a feast? . A. . Banquet Still Life with self-portrait of the artist in the silver jug Abraham

22 Jan 2023

Nobody Says ‘Hack’ Anymore

Q. ‘It’s not the 80s. Nobody says ‘hack’ anymore’. “Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist” Tony Stark – aka Iron Man – knew that in 2013. (Though he reserves the right, of course, to break his own rules later). What are some other workish words that come across as clichéd or dated?

22 Jan 2023

Most Prized Personal Possessions

Q. What are your most prized material possessions?  What do you hope you’ll have tucked safely at home, or in your pocket, no matter what, no matter where. . A. This is a question that One Poll asked of 2,000 North American adults. What did the respondents report treasuring most?

20 Jan 2023

We’re In The Cheese

Q. Happy National Cheese Lovers’ Day! How best to celebrate this glorious occasion? . A. Today’s cheese fest is rooted in the U.S. who in 2022 – according to Statista – rated second in the world for overall cheese consumption. The EU was first. Cheese consumption, for those aiming for

16 Jan 2023

Tootle Time

Q. It’s January, it’s raining, and the wanderlust is coming on strong. What are some lesser-used or forgotten words related to travel? . A. Bourne Your destination Coddiwomple To set off with great determination to you’re not quite sure where Feriation On holidays which – this archaic word reminds us