‘Yipes. I can’t believe I just did that’. We’ve all been there (some of us more than others 🥸) Think of something embarrassing you did in the last day, week, month, year. All in all, what kinds of moments do people find most awkward?



Aussie polled 2000 Brits for their most mortifying moments. How many of these have you experienced? Which of these would embarrass you the most?

Most Mentioned Mortifying Moments

1. Returning a wave only to realize the person was waving at someone else
2. Forgetting my friend’s birthday or anniversary
3. Misjudging the weather and wearing a sweater on the hottest day of the year
4. Forgetting to put a phone on charge overnight + the alarm doesn’t go off
5. Spilling coffee on a fresh white shirt first thing in the morning
6. Umbrella turning inside out in heavy rain
7. Dropping a phone into the toilet
8. Forgetting headphones before a long journey
9. Someone pointing out a tag left on new clothes
10. Leaving the house in a rush and spending the whole day wondering if flat irons/curlers were switched off
11. Opening a handbag and the entire contents falling out
12. Telling a hairdresser you only wanted a trim but ending up leaving four inches shorter
13. Losing balance on the tube/train and landed in a stranger’s lap
14. Sleeping through an alarm and stacked it whilst running for the bus
15. Falling asleep on the tube/ train/ bus, and ending up leaning on someone’s shoulder
16. Sending a personal email to a colleague by mistake
17. Being deep into an Instagram stalk and accidentally hitting ‘like’ on a photo from 2016
18. Accidentally mentioning something to a person, then realizing they hadn’t told you – but that you had actually found out through ‘stalking’ their social media channels
19. Replying all/texting the person you were gossiping about
20. Spilling food on your clothes before a job interview
21. Keys falling out of a pocket into the toilet
22. Being out and bumped into someone I cancelled plans with
23. Purchasing dream heels and then spending the whole night out regretting it
24. Rushing for a train, making it, but then realizing it’s the wrong one and you’re now off to ‘Scotland’
25. Accidentally ending a work call with ‘love you’
26. Singing your heart out whilst driving alone on the motorway, only to realize a coach full of people next to you were enjoying your full, ‘live’ performance
27. Dropping a phone face down on the tube and watching everyone wait with bated breath to see if it’s smashed
28. Getting stuck in a dress in a changing room and having to text friends to help you get out
Photos: Alex Shuper

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