Best + Worst Surprises

Are you a person who likes or dislikes surprises? What types of surprises tend to be better received?



One Poll sought out 2,000 adults for their good vs. bad surprise opinions. Their ranked results?

The Best Surprises
i. Randomly finding money  – e.g.: in the street or your pocket
ii. Surprise parties
iii. Getting $ back on a tax return
iv. Surprise visitors like family or friends
v. Engagements
vi. Pregnancies
vii. A puppy/pet
viii. A snow day
ix. Cancelled plans
x. Pushed deadline


The Worst (Non-Catastrophic) Surprises
i. Getting a bill that’s higher than you thought it would be
ii. Owing money after you do your taxes
iii. Late fee on a credit card
iv. Child breaks something
v. Pet has an accident in the house
vi. Unexpected visitors, such as in-laws
vii. Cancelled plans
viii. Going on a date with someone and they don’t match their profile photo
ix. Last-minute video meeting


Photo: Amy Shamblen



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