20 Apr 2020

Good News and Bad News

Q. I have good news and bad news. Which do you want to hear first? Why? And what does your order choice mean? . A. Personally, I want to hear the bad news first. Otherwise, I’ll be dreading it the whole time I’m hearing the good. And what if the

13 Apr 2020

Famous Hobbies

Q. Which hobbies inspired historical figures? . A. Sheltering at home, people are discovering past hobbies. Or realizing they don’t have hobbies and looking for something a little more interesting than laundry or cleaning to fill up their hours. Have you been surprised by the home hobby postings of some

11 Apr 2020

Unpleasant Sounds

Q. Which sounds do people hate the most? . A. We all have our personal pet peeves (Ugh to scraping, squishing styrofoam), but researchers have looked in brain-searing depth at the sounds that cause the most universal discomfort. In a Journal of Neuroscience study, researchers Sukhbinder Kumar, Katharina von Kriegstein,

11 Apr 2020

Online Covid Buying

Q. Which online products are people buying more during the 2020 pandemic? . A. Researchers from Stackline and Visual Capitalist compared purchases in March of 2020 to those of March 2019. The greatest increases they find are in disposable gloves, bread machines (that explains the empty flour aisles) and cough