11 Nov 2020

A Poppy To Remember

Q. We remember and offer our deepest respect to those who serve. As we watch Remembrance Day services, we see red poppies on uniforms, on jackets, on wreaths. How did the poppy come to represent those who have fallen in service of their country?   A. We turn to Veterans

09 Nov 2020

Alex Trebek’s Favourite Category

Q. Born 1940 in Sudbury, Ontario, George Alexander Trebek – ‘Alex’ – went on to host more than 8200 episodes of Jeopardy. He was known for his wide-spanning curiosity, but what was Alex Trebek’s favourite Jeopardy category? . A. We look for answers in the Order of Canada winning Trebek’s

29 Oct 2020

Mum’s Stories

Q. Some adults would give anything to hear their parents tell that same old story one more time. But which types of stories do grown kids most enjoying hear from their mums and dads? . A. Many parents come bearing the gift of story from the get-go. Through childhood, the

07 Oct 2020

Lies Parents Tell

Q. Leaf through enough children’s books and you’ll start to see a pattern: parents telling a lot of little lies and kids starting to doubt them. What are the most common ways in which parents try to bamboozle their progeny? . A. Blue Cross UK surveyed 2,000 parents about the

28 Sep 2020

The Sweet Smell Of Home

Q. Which scents make people feel happiest in their homes?   A. It’s something people are thinking about more, now that they are spending so much time in said homes. This month, House Beautiful Magazine reports that essential oil diffuser sales are up by 22%. Even before the pandemic, 70%

19 Sep 2020

A Match Made In Free Fall

Q. Why do people do scary things on early dates? . A. In ‘romantic,’ ‘reality’ shows – no judgment! Lockdown – daters will be challenged with hair-raising adventures. Rappel down this skyscraper. Or free-fall. Leap off this scenic cliff. Take your fear of heights and climb up the cables of

14 Sep 2020

Artists In Love

Q. Who are some renowned artists who were in romantic relationships with each other? . A. Ever so often, it is (was?) nice to shut down the phone, go to the library, and browse the books, aisle by aisle. It’s a slow-burn rabbit hole, where you find yourself sitting on

07 Sep 2020

Young In + At Heart

Q. How is it that some people in their late 80s and 90s – some of whom have had tumultuous lives – still act and feel so young? . A. I know what my Mum, a nurse, would say: “Feeling young has nothing to do with age, Elizabeth.” When she

26 Aug 2020

Genius Doodles

Q. Do you have an idea pad – either paper or a dedicated section in your phone notes? Over centuries, great innovators have jotted their lightbulb ideas and preliminary art sketches in portable journals. Can idea pads boost your personal creativity? . A. Yes! Fleeting ideas are a menace. They

03 Aug 2020

The Truest Friends

Q. What are the most important qualities of true friendship? All these months of social distancing have led many to think deeply about the friends they miss and treasure the most.   A. ‘I have a new friend.’ So starts the charming bestseller My Best Friend, a 2020 picture book