30 May 2022

Best + Worst Surprises

Q. Are you a person who likes or dislikes surprises? What types of surprises tend to be better received? . A. One Poll sought out 2,000 adults for their good vs. bad surprise opinions. Their ranked results? The Best Surprises i. Randomly finding money  – e.g.: in the street or

28 Apr 2022

Family Road Trip Squabbles

Q. The last family road-trip? Nothing but ear-to-ear smiles. and spread-eagle jumps into roadside lakes . Well, at least if you believe the much-liked photos. But, almost anyone who has been on a long family road trip knows that there will be squabbles. What are families most likely to bicker

19 Apr 2022

The Worst Gifts

Q. We know that we’re not supposed to look a gift horse in the mouth   – ok. We may say it a lot, but what does that mean? – but which gifts do recipients appreciate the least? . A. First things first: the ‘gift horse’ idiom warns us not to

14 Apr 2022

Ho Hum. Another Masterpiece

Q. How is it that we can so quickly come to take for granted the things that we once anticipated so keenly? Boy, I can’t wait to: try that food, see those gardens, visit that exhibit. Then, halfway in it’s:  ‘Ya ya. Been there, done that. What’s next?’ . A.

05 Apr 2022

Webby Wow!

Day made! We are over the moon to hear that the Just Curious site is nominated for a Webby Award. What an honour to be included in such an amazing group of nominees. Thank you so much to the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. And so much thanks

11 Mar 2022

Unpleasant Sounds

Q. Which sounds do people hate the most? . A. We all have our personal pet peeves (Ugh to scraping, squishing styrofoam), but researchers have looked in brain-searing depth at the sounds that cause the most universal discomfort. In a Journal of Neuroscience study, researchers Sukhbinder Kumar, Katharina von Kriegstein,

17 Feb 2022

Favourite Musical Numbers

Q. Do you like Broadway/West-End style musicals? If so: which numbers rank among your favourites? And how does that compare to other musical lovers? . A. Well, last year BBC Radio 2 polled their listeners about their favourite musical numbers. First, a panel of musical experts led by Elaine Paige

20 Jan 2022

Genius Doodles

Q. Do you have an idea pad – either paper or a dedicated section in your phone notes? Over centuries, great innovators have jotted their lightbulb ideas and preliminary art sketches in portable journals. Can idea pads boost our personal creativity? . A. Yes! Fleeting ideas are a menace. They

03 Jan 2022

2021 Most Annoying Words

Q. Are there any words that set your ears ablaze – at work, in your home life? Which words have people found particularly off-putting over the last year? . A. The Atlantic ran a poll with its readers and – after a series of X versus Y buzzword showdowns –

16 Dec 2021

Canada Searches – 2021

Q. It’s been a strange, strange year with more questions than answers. What were the most common online inquiries from Canadians over 2021? . A. Google has released their top trending global searches for the year. In parsing the English results for Canada, we find… Top Trending Google Searches  Canada