Hobble Skirts + Fanny Packs

Have you jumped on any fashion trends that you now regret? Rip up those pictures. Slap that abomination into a box and send it to someone who sees things differently.

What are some once-adopted clothing options that people later rue?


In 2021, The List asked 687 American adults which fashion trends they think they will regret most in ten years. Winner, winner? Big shoulder pad jackets.

Fashion trends we think we’ll regret most. Poll
i. Big shoulder pad jackets – 30%
ii. Ultra high-waisted pants – 23%
iii. Fanny packs – 21%
iv. White knee-high boots – 16%


Meanwhile, Bazaar magazine nominated the ‘worst fashion trends from every decade.’ Would you like to take to the stand for any personal favourites trapped in this ‘oh no we didn’t’ list?

Bazaar Magazine. Worst Fashion Trends by Decade
i. 1900s – Corsets
ii. 1910s – The Hobble skirt (i.e. good luck walking)
iii. 1920s – Cloche hats, Bathing suit dresses
iv. 1930s – T-strap shoes, Heeled oxfords
v. 1940s – Mini bowler hats
vi. 1950s – White gloves, Poodle skirts
vii. 1960s – Patterned tights, Futuristic fashion (e.g. silver lamé pants), Babydoll Dresses
viii. 1970s – Patchwork peasant skirts, Sweater vests, Safety pin face jewelry



The next three decades over-achieve…

ix. 1980s
Leg warmers, the All colours all the time blend, the Madonna rubber/neon/legging era, MC Hammer pants, Sweatbands, Preppy handbook sweaters tied around the neck, Acid wash jeans
x. 1990s
Everything butterflies, Colour-tinted sunglasses, Blossom hats, T-shirts over long-sleeve shirts, Popcorn fabric shirts, Parachute pants
xi. 2000s
Velour tracksuits, Radically low-rise jeans, Uggs with mini-skirts, Trucker hats, Big art sunglasses
xii. 2010s – Micro mini bags


Photos: Ave Calvar


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