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What’s your idea of an ideal museum? Is it a hidden gem of a place with a small collection of beautiful pieces? With no crowds to battle, you can just sit in front of an artwork, take in the details, and daydream.

Or are you more excited about a place where you’ll be one of a throng, but you’ll be able to  finally see the world’s most famous masterpieces?

Which are the most busiest museums in the world?


2023 numbers are still in the works. But, the Art Newspaper’s 2022 Visitor Figure Survey reveals a total of 141 million visits to the 100 museums in their analysis. With nearly 8 million visitors, the Musée de Louvre sits at the top.


The Art Newspaper. 2022 Museum Visit Figures
i. Musée du Louvre
ii. Vatican Museums
iii. British Museum
iv. Tate Modern
v. National Museum of Korea
vi. Musée d’Orsay
vii. National Gallery of Art. Washington, DC
viii. Metropolitan Museum of Art
ix. Centre Pompidou
x. State Hermitage Museum


Header Art:
Musée du Louvre. Marie-Denise Villers. Une etude de femme d’ apres nature. 1802



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