Love It Or Hate It Foods

We’ve seen the great divide around certain candies. Candy corn, holiday peeps, nougat – were you a ‘love’ or a ‘hate’ on those? What are some other foods that tend to divide us?


Be it the texture, the smell, the childhood memories, or the quality of the taste itself, certain foods inspire quick and contrary responses. Shall I pass the mayonnaise, mustard, relish, wasabi, chocolate nut spread (🤢) or ketchup?

Come December, eggnog is ever polarizing. Are you ‘yea’ or ‘nay’ on this milk egg punch? And what about cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, Brussels sprouts, beets, or coleslaw?

With some other examples to take us through the eating year: a still live BBC Food Poll. As of writing …

BBC  Controversial Foods Poll

i. Oysters
Love – 44%
Hate – 29%
Too scared to try – 27%

ii. Mushrooms
Love- 90%
Hate – 10%



iii. Blue Cheese
Love – 72%
Hate – 24%
Too scared to try – 4%

iv. Marzipan
Love – 66%
Hate – 34%

v. Pickles
Love – 78%
Hate – 22%

vi. Coriander
Love – 82%
Hate – 18%

vii. Anchovies
Love – 63%
Hate – 37%

viii. Licorice
Love – 58%
Hate – 42%

ix. Olives
Love – 79%
Hate – 21%

Bon appetit?

Header Photo: Maryam Sicard
Photo #2: Monika Grabkowska


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