Most Annoying Office Habits

What do co-workers see as the most annoying office habits?

At least for now, more people are starting to trickle into the workplace. Perhaps we’ve all missed each other enough that nothing our co-workers do will annoy us. Ah. Listen to the dulcet tones of your slurping your 8thcoffee.

Should we revert quickly to our gripes and grumbles, here are some of the office behaviours that least delight.

Ainsley Harriott commissioned a survey of 2,500 office workers in the UK, asking them to identify annoying co-worker behaviours. Save the hearty soup for dinner.  57% said that audible chomping was the most excruciating co-worker offence.

Top 10 Office Gripes
1. Noisy Eating
2. Messiness
3. Failing to wash up after themselves
4. Smelly food
5. Being late
6. Not listening
7. Talking over people
8. Clicking their pens
9. Making personal phone calls
10. Complaining of being sick



In an early 2020 Cartridge People study of 1,028 more Brits, one office offense was considered even worse than noisy eating: bad hygiene.

The Worst Office Habits
1. Having poor hygiene – 65%
2. Eating smelly food at their desk – 39%
3. Using bad language – 36%
4. Sucking up to the boss – 31%
5  Sharing too much information – 18%
6. Talking politics – 17%
7. Hogging the printer – 6%
8. Other – 8%


We’ll have to see which new co-worker pet peeves arrive in a covidian world.

Header Photo: Nathan Dumlao

Photo 2: Nick Fewings


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