Most Memorable Movie Characters

It’s the dream: create a character so riveting that people remember details about them years, even decades later. All the more brilliant if the perfect actor steps into the role with flair and nuance.

Who are the movie characters who sit most vividly in your brain? If you were to create an ultimate snapshot of them, what would they be saying, doing, wearing, hiding?



What do others say? Fiery debates will rage. Different poll sites will attract different types of voters, but…


As of writing, 17.4 thousand Ranker voters offer..

Ranker Poll. The 24 Greatest Female Characters In Film History
i. Professor Minerva McGonagall 🐈
ii. Luna Lovegood
iii. Black Widow
iv. Hermione Granger
v. Clarice Starling
vi. Wonder Woman
vii. Elizabeth Swann
viii. Mulan
ix. Galadriel
x. Éowyn
xi. Gamora
xii. Leia Organa
xiii. Beatrix Kiddo, The Bride
xiv. Matilda
xv. Sarah Conner
xvi. Princess Merida
xvii. Maleficent
xviii. Padmé Amidala
xix. Katniss Everdeen
xx. Ellen Ripley
xxi. Rapunzel
xxii. Edna Mode
xxiii. Arwen
xxiv. Elle Woods 🎟


Ranker has over 75 thousand voters who have come together to upvote ‘The Best Movie Characters Of All Time.’ It’s not the most varied of lists, but …

Ranker Poll. The 27 Best Movie Characters Of All Time
i. Bruce Wayne / Batman
ii. Obi-Wan Kenobi
iii. Yoda
iv. Marty McFly
v. Hannibal Lecter 😬
vi. Han Solo
vii Luke Skywalker
viii. Gandalf
ix. Rocky Balboa
x. T-800/The Terminator
xi. Harry Potter
xii. Vito Corleone
xiii. Jack Sparrow
xiv. Indiana Jones
xv. The Joker
xvi. Wolverine
xvii. James Bond
xviii. R2-D2
xix. Chewbacca
xx. Leia Organa
xxi. John McClane
xxii. Dr. Emmett Brown
xxiii. Professor Severus Snape (“Obviously”)
xxiv. Anakin Skywalker
xxv. Man with No Name
xxvi. Iron Man
xxvii. Hermione Granger


19 Greatest Movie Characters Of All Time. Empire. 2020
And in their survey of thousands, this British magazine found…

i. Indiana Jones
ii. James Bond
iii. Han Solo
iv. Batman
v. Ellen Ripley
vi. The Joker
vii. John McClane
viii. Tyler Durdan
ix. Darth Vader
x. The Dude
xi. Michael Corleone
xii. Marty McFly
xiii. Iron Man
xiv. Captain Jack Sparrow
xv. Aragorn
xvi. Ron Burgundy
xvii. M. Gustave
xviii. Rick Blaine
xix. Loki 💚


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