Mum’s Stories

Some adults would give anything to hear their parents tell that same old story one more time. But which types of stories do grown kids most enjoying hear from their mums and dads?



Many parents come bearing the gift of story from the get-go. Through childhood, the favourites are repeated upon request: I Love You to the Moon and BackLove You Forever,  I Am Enough.

By tweenhood, the parental tales are less welcome and more pointed.

“Did I tell you about the time I worked for the …..?”


“Do you know what happens to people who …..?”


But, parents are persistent and willing to trot out the stories well into offspring adulthood. What type of parental stories are adult children more eager to hear?

Harris Poll Interactive was commissioned by APFM to poll 2,058 US adults, 18 and older, on what type of information they were most interested in learning about their mothers. What kinds of Mum Stories are most likely to hold offspring attention?


What Adult Kids Want To Know About Their Mums

i. Family History – 64%

ii. Personal History – 59%

iii. Medical History – 45%

iv. Life Advice  – 42%

v. Career Highlights – 23%


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