My Kingdom For A Toothbrush

Packing for some unknowable reason took hours and hours. The flight was long; the hotel shower is beckoning. It’s dark out, too late to order food. I’ll just unpack some essentials, then get ready for…ack! How – with all the colour-coded packing cubes, technological paraphernalia, and hermetically sealed hair potions – did I manage to forget my toothbrush? Ugh.

What are the most commonly forgotten items for people when they are travelling?

I am not alone. A poll of 2,000 Brits – from holiday cottages – found toothbrushes to be amongst the most commonly forgotten travel essentials.

Top Ten Forgotten Travel Items

i. Razor – 18%
ii. Phone charger – 17%
iii. Sunglasses – 14%
iv. Rainboots– 10%
v. Shampoo – 9%
vi. Toothbrush – 9%
vii. Deodorant – 8%
viii. Tweezers – 8%
ix. Hairbrush – 8%
x. PJs – 7%


Header Photo: Alexander Mils


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