Nobody Says ‘Hack’ Anymore

‘It’s not the 80s. Nobody says ‘hack’ anymore’.

“Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist” Tony Stark – aka Iron Man – knew that in 2013. (Though he reserves the right, of course, to break his own rules later). What are some other workish words that come across as clichéd or dated?


CNBC has interviewed a panel of ‘managers, recruiters, and employees’ and come up with a list of words that should have been retired in 2022, let alone 2023:

CNBC’s Dated, Cliched Words
i. Bandwidth
ii. End-user
iii. Granular
iv. Hack
v. I did a thing
vi. It is what it is (Jerry Seinfeld has a whole ‘thing’ on this one)
vii. Influencer
viii. Jab 🙌🏼
ix. The new normal
x. Pivot
xi. Take if offline
xii. Thought leader
xiii. We remain cautious
xiv. WFH
xv. Zooming



Header Photo: Andy Holmes


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