Onion Love

What are the superstitions that link romance and onions of all things?


It’s not everyday that one draws a natural link between romance and onions. As Jonathan Swift wrote in his poem ‘Onions’:

… ‘For this is every cook’s opinion,
No savoury dish without an onion;
But, lest your kissing should be spoil’d,
Your onions must be thoroughly boil’d’ ..


But, it’s the humble, unboiled onion that is behind two long-held love superstitions:

i. Do you want to dream about your future spouse?
Nestle a whole onion under your pillow, snuggle in, and wait for the love of your life to appear in your dreams.

ii. Are you torn between two love interests?
Write the name of Beloved #1 on one onion, the name of Beloved #2 on another. Put them both on a sunny windowsill and wait. It’s a race. Check the name on the onion that sprouts a shoot first. That is the person you are apparently destined to marry.


Header: Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Onions. 1881



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