The Curious Life Of The Unwanted Gift

They come in with such hope – nestled in tissue, boxed with festive flourish, topped with an oversized bow. ‘How much are they going to love me?! Imagine the pride of place I’ll have in their lives.’

5, 4, rip, 2 … ‘Wait, what was that micro-expression – a grimace, a frown? Where is the unbridled glee?’

Which unlucky gifts are least likely to be greeted by genuine enthusiasm? And what do their recipients do with them once the coast is clear?



One Poll and Wright Brand polled 2,000 adults around the gifts that fail to thrill…

Least Loved Holiday Gifts 
i. Ugly sweater
ii. Necktie
iii. Mug
iv. Scarf
v. Robe
vi. Candle
vii. Socks
viii. Unusual jewellery 🥥


Four years. That’s how long respondents say it takes them to get rid of gifts they don’t like. 52% admit to unearthing the unwanteds only when the gift-givers come a’visiting.

In the interim, where do these sweaters, mugs, and beer cap bracelets find themselves stashed?

Unloved Gift Nooks
i. Closet
ii. Basement
iii. Top shelf
iv. Attic
v. Back of a drawer
vi. Under the sink
vii. Garage
viii. Crawlspace


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