Too big for your boots, britches + trumpet


It’s inspiring to see humility amongst those with otherworldly skills. Not a humble brag in sight despite an ability to will pucks into the net, scribble down musical masterpieces in a day, restore the peace in a bicker-heavy room.

Contrast that to those who swan in with booming braggadocio based on…who knows what? We’ve seen this latter group in painful meetings, free-flowing cocktail parties, and ‘look at the trouble they wrought’ documentaries and fiction.

What are some phrases people have developed to describe the groundlessly sniffy?


• All hat and no cattle
• All mouth and no trousers
• Blinded by your own glory
• Blowing your own trumpet
• Big as you please
• Cocky as the king of spades
• Conceited as a barber’s cat
• Loving the sound of your own voice
• Proud as Lucifer
• Putting on airs
• Putting on the dog
• Toffee-nosed
• Too big for your breeches
• Too big for your britches
• Too big for your boots
• Too clever by half
• Tooting your own horn
• Wise in your own conceit



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The Uffizi


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Elizabeth Newton