When I Grow Up

What was your dream job when you were a child? How does that compare to the dreams of your peers?


A well-tooled detective who could avoid violence and make it home for tea at two? Sign me up. In a recent survey of 2000 American adults, Zety found the following top childhood dream jobs..

Top 20 Childhood Dream Jobs

Adults look back…

i. Doctor
ii. Teacher
iii. Vet
iv. Musician
v. Movie star
vi. Professional Athlete
vii. Artist
viii. Business Owner
ix. Writer
x. Police Officer
xi. Fashion Designer
xii. Architect
xiii. Spy/Secret Agent
xiv. Chef
xv. Superhero
xvi. Graphic Designer
xvii. Journalist/News Anchor
xviii. Firefighter
xix. Marine Biologist
xx. Race Car Driver.


And what do kids today say they want to do? A 2021 UK survey asked 2,300 parents to ask their young children – then transcribe – what jobs they wanted to pursue as adults. Their findings?

UK Children Now on Their Dream Jobs

i. Doctor
ii. Teacher
iii. Vet
iv. YouTuber
v. Professional Gamer
vi. Digital Artist
vii. Musician
viii. Professional Athlete
ix. Paramedic
x. Firefighter


Header Photo: Nubia Navarro




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