You In One Word


You have one word to describe yourself. What do you choose? What would others say?


It can feel impossible to describe ourselves in one word. Much harder than describing others, particularly those we know at a distance. But, if pressed, what would we choose for ourselves?

Last Spring, YouGov asked 2.242 US adults to select words from a list, words that they felt best described them. The most popular self-descriptor: friendly.


Top Words To Describe Yourself
i. Friendly- 79%
ii. Thoughtful – 67&
iii. Careful – 57%
iv. Rational/Logical – 51%
v. Private – 43%
vi. Open – 37%
vii. Emotional – 32%
viii. Impulsive – 19%
ix. Carefree – 14%
x. Unfriendly – 5%


Header: Edward Hopper. New York Movie. 1939


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