Are You Your Mother?

“Eep. I’m turning into my parents”. This is less than welcome news in the land of sitcoms and streams. In real life, how similar do people think they are to their parents? How similar do you think you are to your parents? How does this perceived difference or similarity change over ages and stages?



For Mother’s Day 2022, One Poll took one slice into the question by asking 2,000 adults how similar they think they are to their mothers. Their findings?

Overall, 73% of respondents said they are quite like their mothers, that the two of them share important qualities…

In What Ways Am I Most Similar To My Mum?
i. Personality (73%)
ii. Humour (51%)
ii. Hobbies (51%)
iv. Parenting Styles (50%)
v. Political Views (48%)


And what were some key differences people see between themselves and their Mums?

In What Ways Am I Different From My Mum?
i. Career Choices (49%)
i. Music Taste (49%)
ii. Movie/TV Preference (47%)


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