23 Apr 2024

Hotel Intrigue

Q. Who are those people trying to sneak in unseen? What on earth have they stuffed into that bulging, paint-streaked leather suitcase? And why is the front desk manager peeking out from the lobby bar and whispering into her phone? Hotels are inherently fascinating to we curious/nosy people. Add in

23 Apr 2024

Webby Super Wow

We are so excited and so grateful! We just got the news that the Just Curious site won a 2024 People’s Voice Webby Award. 🙏🏼🥳🌞 Thank you so much to everyone who voted for us. . Just Curious. People’s Voice Webby Award Winner 2024 . Thank You!!! Wow 💜 . www.justcurious.ca

21 Apr 2024

Horror House Patents

Q. The annals of patent history hold creations that have made our day to day lives so much easier – kettles, vacuums, washing machines. Hidden in the depths are wild ideas that would have made home life – and sleepovers –  a lot more creepy than cozy. Examples…? . A.

18 Apr 2024

Serve This At Your Own Peril

Q. Those kindly neighbours from two doors down have brought you over a jar of their favourite anchovies. “I mean…they’re the best!” Are you jumping for joy? Or silently vowing to never open your front door again? There’s no doubt that certain foods are intensely polarizing. Oysters, anyone? 😷 Which

16 Apr 2024

Deadly Drinks

Q. You don’t have to look far to find classic cocktails with fearsome names. Examples? . A. Blood and Sand Said to be named after a 1922 Rudolf Valentino movie, the original Blood and Sand combines scotch, Cherry Heering liqueur or brandy, sweet vermouth, and orange juice. . Corpse Reviver

13 Apr 2024

In Hot Water

Q. You’re ‘in hot water.’ It’s a mess; trouble is brewing. Where does this phrase originate? . A. These origin stories are no joke. Some claim that the phrase is rooted in people spilling boiling water on themselves whilst cooking 😬. Others insist that the idea of being ‘in hot

12 Apr 2024

Dropping In On David

Q. Which famous figures – of the stone, metal, and wooden variety – do you dream about visiting in cities afar? Which statues and sculptures are most likely to find themselves on travel bucket lists? . A. In looking across various search and visit-tracking statistics, you’ll find some common sculpted

09 Apr 2024

Fairy Floss

Q. It was pure carny magic. The gleaming sugar crystals would rain into the heart of the silver pan. The bestriped man would taunt us with his white paper sabre, whisking it round and round the edges. First nothing, then suddenly the pink, purple or blue cloud would start to

07 Apr 2024

Broken Rhythms And Short Tricks, Huh?

Q. Sergei Rachmaninov (1873-1943) is one of our favourite composers. And, as you’ll see below, his music often features in ‘most loved composer and classical music’ charts. But, was this Semyonovo-born composer always so beloved? . A. A few days ago, Classic FM reported out on their annual ‘Classic FM

05 Apr 2024

My Kingdom For A Toothbrush

Q. Packing for some unknowable reason took hours and hours. The flight was long; the hotel shower is beckoning. It’s dark out, too late to order food. I’ll just unpack some essentials, then get ready for…ack! How – with all the colour-coded packing cubes, technological paraphernalia, and hermetically sealed hair