Can’t Spell That

What are the most commonly misspelled words?

The stories that autocorrect could tell. Are there certain words that stump us every time? “Tommorrow, Tomorow, I love ya, tommorow..”

Some – student, teacher, employee, boss – have nightmares about being unable to spell simple words in public. When the fear of spelling mistakes reaches phobic levels, it is called ortographobia.

Where are we most likely to stumble in our spelling? A Nick Jr. UK study of 2,000 adults identifies the 50 words that British respondents most frequently struggle to form. Is it a coincidence that ’embarrassment’ comes in at number one? Those double letter words – is it one r and two s’s? Or two r’s and one s? – are particularly tricky.

40% of those polled admit that they type willy-nilly and rely on autocorrect to fix their spelling. Meanwhile, 48% of  respondents say that they can’t help but judge people who cannot spell.



Top 50 Common Words That People Find Difficult To Spell.
Nick Jr. UK

  1. Embarrassment
  2. Fluorescent
  3. Accommodate
  4. Psychiatrist
  5. Occasionally
  6. Necessary
  7. Questionnaire
  8. Mischievous
  9. Rhythm
  10. Minuscule
  11. Conscience
  12. Xylophone
  13. Pronunciation
  14. Graffiti
  15. Millennium
  16. Occurrence
  17. Exhilarate
  18. Restaurant
  19. Accessory
  20. Guarantee
  21. License
  22. Separate
  23. Believe
  24. Colleague
  25. Definite
  26. Humorous
  27. Weird
  28. Symphony
  29. Illicit
  30. Species
  31. Appearance
  32. Possession
  33. Vacuum
  34. Changeable
  35. Queue
  36. Acquire
  37. Receipt
  38. Receive
  39. Difficulty
  40. Foreign
  41. Discipline
  42. Equipment
  43. Business
  44. Relevant
  45. Beautiful
  46. Technology
  47. Neighbour
  48. Friend
  49. Religious
  50. Government



No need to rely on our confessions. Unforgiving CPUs can effortlessly track the words that we enter most often for spelling guidance.  Oxford Dictionary has their list of Top 10 Misspellings. Can you correct the mistakes?


Oxford Top 10 Most Common Misspellings 😥

(Do not sear into brain. These are incorrect)

i. Publically
ii. Pharoah
iii. Definitaly
iv. Goverment
v. Seperate
vi. Occured
vii. Untill
viii. Recieve
ix. Wich
x. Accomodate


Oxford The Correct Spellings 😎
i. Publicly
ii. Pharaoh
iii. Definitely
iv. Government
v. Separate
vi. Occurred
vii. Until
viii. Receive
ix. Which
x. Accommodate


Merriam Webster has their own exhaustive list of  commonly mangled words.


Merriam Webster. Most Commonly Misspelled English Words :/

Can you spot which of these words are spelled wrong here? 

a. conscientious
b. concieve
c. convenient
d. specifically
e. dissappoint
f. questionnaire
g. guerilla warfare
h. acommodate
i. foreign
j. susceptible
k. ecstasy
l. acquaintance
m. proceed
n. tommorow
o. marshmallow


And now for the misspelled words above: 💡

b. concieve should be conceive
e. dissappoint should be disappoint
g. guerilla warfare should be guerrilla warfare
h. acommodate should be accommodate
n. tommorow should be tomorrow


You can test your own spelling – speed and accuracy – through Merriam Webster’s online Spell It game.

MW Spell It Game


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