13 Aug 2023

Painting Hummingbirds

Q. They are the most intriguing birds, with their Formula 1 wings, Mr Fantastic tongues, and iridescent protein feathers.  Who are some artists who have worked to capture hummingbird beauty on canvas? . A. American painter and naturalist Martin Johnson Heade (1819-1904) was one. Heade was utterly taken with these tinkerbirds,

15 Jul 2023

Most Memorable Musical Characters

Q. The streets around Times Square are jammed with people filing in and out of theatres. Some are finally seeing shows they’ve dreamed of for years. Others are back again to check out the new cast in their long-held favourites – like ‘The Lion King’, which opened in 1997, or

07 Jul 2023

The Green Fairy

Q. Who or what is ‘the Green Fairy’? Not the spirited tinker Tinker Bell. She is famously buzzing about Pixie Hollow championing faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust. But what of the green fairy – or ‘La Fée Verte – that has been touted as muse and

14 Jun 2023

Upending Classic Paintings

Q. We love seeing new takes on old paintings. Who is an artist excelling in the field? . A. Ewa Juszkiewicz is a gifted artist who does incredible work here. In May of 2022, Juszkiewicz saw her striking ‘Portrait of a Lady (After Louis Leopold Boilly)’, featured above, sell for radically

31 May 2023

Freak Flags Flying Since

Q. You do you. Flaunt your edges. Who cares what they think?  “Let your freak flag fly”.  Where did this phrase originate? . A. Credit Jimi Hendrix. Born in Seattle – November 27th, 1942 – Hendrix popularized the phrase in his song ‘If 6 was 9’. It was the 7th

09 May 2023

Painting The Library

Q. Public libraries offer such a unique glimpse at a wide range of people absorbed in all manner of topics. There is also so much to be learned from poking about home libraries, big and nook. Who are some artists who have captured library life on canvas? . A. It’s

08 Apr 2023

The Art of Easter Sunday

Q. With Easter Sunday drawing near: what are some notable historic paintings that depict the Resurrection? . A. An Aragonese painter from the mid 15th Century. The Resurrection . Piero della Francesca. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ. 1463 . Sandro Botticelli. The Resurrected Christ. 1480 . Juan de Flandes. Christ

21 Mar 2023

The Concert Hall To Beat

Q. Sound tastes vary, of course. As does the type of space in which different types of music are best showcased. Overall, however, which concert halls do experts feel have the best acoustics? . A. First of all: what exactly are ‘acoustics’? Merriam Webster offers: ‘a science that deals with

08 Mar 2023

Favourite Film Themes

Q. The Oscars are coming next Sunday and, with that, much reflection around all things film. What are some of your favourite movie themes of all time? How would people answer this question more broadly? . A. BBC Music Magazine led a poll around this question in 2019. The winner

17 Feb 2023

Something Nameless This Way Comes

Q. Here, from the safety of the outside world, we can say it. Macbeth. But step into a theatre. and you’re unlikely to hear anyone uttering the name of Shakespeare’s 30thplay outside of the script. How did Macbeth’s name become so feared in theatrical circles? . A. “The Scottish Tragedy”. ”