21 Oct 2021

100 Best TV Shows?

Q. What do people think are the best made TV shows of the 21st Century? What do you think? . A. Cue the debate. Which of the following TV shows are on your favourites list? This month, BBC Culture polled 206 TV experts – industry insiders, critics, analysts, academics, journalists

15 Oct 2021

And Now For Our Company Song

Q. Did (do?!) any companies start the day with an official company song? . A. Imagine.. It’s your first week of work and there is lots to do: meet those people, sign those forms, get your work space in order. And there’s something else. On Friday, you will be expected

14 Sep 2021

Long Time No See, Ludwig

Q. What would it be like to lock eyes with Bach, Beethoven, or The Girl With A Pearl Earring? . A. Well, thanks to Deep Nostalgia, we are one step closer to knowing. Using AI to animate vintage photos, My Heritage is focused on the world of family albums. Millions,

09 Aug 2021

400 Alarm Clocks Walk Into The Symphony

Q. “At this time, we invite you to turn off all cell phones, smart watches, tablets, electronic devices..” Before cell phones became omnipresent, what sounds were most likely to interrupt on stage performances? . A. There have long been ill-timed coughs, crackling candy wrappers, and livestock who love themselves an

20 Jul 2021

Favourite Cartoon Theme Songs

Q. What are your favourite cartoon theme songs? Which cartoon melodies – from your childhood, from last week – stay pleasantly lodged in your head? . A. The world of streaming puts our cartoon show theme love to the test. Do you ‘skip intro’ or do you nod and bop your

28 Jun 2021

Hot Lump In The City

Q. 39° Celsius might be no big deal in your neck of the woods, but in air-conditionless Vancouver, 39°C is record-breaking woe. Ice and shade, please. What are some famous paintings that capture the feeling of being Too Darn Hot? And how about some that capture what we dream about doing

03 Jun 2021

Dogs In Art

Q. ‘Paint, write, sculpt what you know’. So, after more than a year locked in our homes, people are turning an artistic eye to their pets. Who are some of the more famous dogs in art? . A. We’ll start with the Brussels Griffon featured in our lead photo. Viewers

24 Apr 2021

Puzzling Out Pen Names

Q. Happy Canadian Independent Bookstore Day! In honour of this shop local occasion: who are some well-known authors who have or continue to write under pseudonyms? . A. For a litany of reasons – some personal, some driven by brutal societal biases –  authors have long tossed their birth names

10 Apr 2021


Q. Quiet. With all of the covid chatter – inside crowded apartments, chart-stuffed newscasts, teeming brains – many are looking for a little peace and quiet. How have artists captured this idea of ‘quiet’? . A. The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘quiet’ as: • ‘Absence of noise or bustle; silence; calm.

10 Mar 2021

That Scream

Q. The Scream. It’s one of the world’s most recognizable paintings, much replicated from art textbooks to extreme memes. What led artist Edvard Munch to create such a tortured painting? . A. ‘I inherited two of mankind’s most frightful enemies—the heritage of consumption and insanity,’  Edvard Munch wrote in his