08 Apr 2023

The Art of Easter Sunday

Q. With Easter Sunday drawing near: what are some notable historic paintings that depict the Resurrection? . A. An Aragonese painter from the mid 15th Century. The Resurrection . Piero della Francesca. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ. 1463 . Sandro Botticelli. The Resurrected Christ. 1480 . Juan de Flandes. Christ

21 Mar 2023

The Concert Hall To Beat

Q. Sound tastes vary, of course. As does the type of space in which different types of music are best showcased. Overall, however, which concert halls do experts feel have the best acoustics? . A. First of all: what exactly are ‘acoustics’? Merriam Webster offers: ‘a science that deals with

08 Mar 2023

Favourite Film Themes

Q. The Oscars are coming next Sunday and, with that, much reflection around all things film. What are some of your favourite movie themes of all time? How would people answer this question more broadly? . A. BBC Music Magazine led a poll around this question in 2019. The winner

17 Feb 2023

Something Nameless This Way Comes

Q. Here, from the safety of the outside world, we can say it. Macbeth. But step into a theatre. and you’re unlikely to hear anyone uttering the name of Shakespeare’s 30thplay outside of the script. How did Macbeth’s name become so feared in theatrical circles? . A. “The Scottish Tragedy”. ”

13 Feb 2023

The Art Of Love – Requited + Not So Requited

Q. With tomorrow – Valentine’s Day – comes a spotlight on romantic love. Some revel in the celebration: chocolates, candies, flowers! Others can do without the reminder or the calendar pressure, thank you very much. What are some famous paintings that celebrate the joys, pains, and drama of love? . .

07 Feb 2023

Aristotle’s Heart

Q. As Valentine’s Day draws near: what are some ways in which luminaries of the past have celebrated the heart? . A. If there is one person who would appreciate our love of Valentine’s Day hearts, it’s Aristotle. ‘The seat of the soul and the control of voluntary movement –

28 Jan 2023

Stranger Things Happened

Q. Debates rage around how best to measure viewership across private and public platforms. But, one thing we know for sure: many of us spend much time streaming masses of content. Which shows were particularly popular in 2022? . A. OG cable trackers Nielsen are now using ‘people-powered panels and

25 Jan 2023

Let Them See Cake

Q. January may be the universal ‘eat less, exercise more’ month. But, surely we can have some remembrances of things past through art. What are some notable works that celebrate the decadence of a feast? . A. . Banquet Still Life with self-portrait of the artist in the silver jug Abraham

08 Jan 2023

Famous Art Dogs

Q. Many of us try our hands at drawing our beloved pups in pencil, pastel, paint. Some of us have little to no success. Which lucky dogs have been captured by artists of renown? . A. We’ll start with the Brussels Griffon featured below. Viewers continue to marvel at the

25 Dec 2022

The Art Of Christmas

Q. Merry Christmas! What are some striking paintings associated with Christmas? . A. Jean Hey. The Annunciation. 1490-05 . Leonardo da Vinci. Annunciation. 1472 . Philippe de Champaigne. The Dream of St. Joseph. 1642-43 . José Campeche y Jordán. La Natividad. 1799 . Ridolfo Ghirlandaio. The Nativity with Saints. 1514