20 Feb 2021

Jazz Greats In Action

Q. Where can we see great photos of jazz legends in action? . A. One fantastic resource is The National Jazz Museum of Harlem, founded in 1997. An affiliate of the Smithsonian, NJMH now boasts two remarkably gifted musicians as Co-Artistic Directors: pianist, composer, and Late Night with Stephen Colbert

22 Jan 2021


Q. What are some paintings specifically focused on the idea of hope? . A. Over centuries, artists have used the word ‘hope’ in titling their artworks. As you’ll see below, some of the works are more unabashedly hopeful than others. . . Piero del Pollaioio. Hope. 1470 . George Frederic

04 Jan 2021

Most Borrowed Books

Q. What were the most borrowed library books in 2020? . A. Open or closed, the Vancouver Public Library was busy during Pandemic 2020. CBC News reports that digital book borrowing went up 50% over the year. Which were the most borrowed books? . Adult Fiction Print books The Testaments by

12 Dec 2020

Creating Hit Songs

Q. What are some of the common characteristics that define songs that hit the top of the charts? . A. Some would argue that dissecting art is a fool’s errand, that the magic is in the mix. If it was easy, surely more people would have followed ‘hit song’ research

18 Nov 2020

Art, Meet 2020

Q. Has 2020 plague life changed us deeply? We can revisit that question in 2022. But, in the thick of it, how does all this affect how we experience art? . A. We’ve certainly found ourselves looking anew at masterpieces through our 2020 eyes. Take Magritte’s 1928 painting of The Lovers

01 Nov 2020

Musical Calm

Q. Today might be a good day to ask: which songs do people find most calming? . A. A 2019 poll of 2,000 Brits – commissioned by Rescue Remedy – identified their Top 30 Most Relaxing Songs. In first place? Louis Armstrong with his Wonderful World. Written by Bob Thiele

10 Oct 2020

Thanksgiving Art

Q. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving weekend! What are some examples of Thanksgiving-relevant art from renowned artists? . A. Here are some paintings that are either overtly focused on Thanksgiving or seem to evoke its spirit.   March Avery. Thanksgiving. 1967 . Andries van Bochoven. Portrait of the artist and his family.

26 Sep 2020

Top 20 Albums of All Time

Q. Well, what are the Top Twenty Albums of All Time? . A. As if the world didn’t already have enough to argue about. Nevertheless, Rolling Stone Magazine has come out with its 2020 list of the Best Albums of All Time. What would be on your best of the

12 Sep 2020

Most High Profile Paintings

Q. Which paintings – historical to current – do people recognize and/or talk about the most? . A. We can all guess #1, but in November of 2019, CNN Style did an in-depth analysis of the 15 most frequently searched masterpieces. The winners were.. . i. Mona Lisa. Leonardo da

31 Aug 2020

Rachmaninoff’s Rough Start

Q. Was the extraordinary pianist and composer Sergei Rachmaninoff (1873-1943) always a smash hit? . A. A fair question. Rachmaninoff remains one of classical music’s most beloved composers. Take this Minnesota Public Radio poll where he comes in at #6. ♔ Favourite Composers i. Gustav Mahler ii. Ludwig Van Beethoven iii.