Green-Eyed Neighbours

Neighbours can make the deepest of friends. But, what kind of things make those who live side by side jealous of each other?



We see it in The Simpsons and the Flintstones, Three’s Company and Mary Tyler Moore, from Friends to Seinfeld, Modern Family to Succession. In so many top-rated series, neighbours are a source of love and larceny, competition and solace. This year, it’s the Bridgertons versus the Featheringtons whose battles have absorbed more than 60 million households over these last few months.

‘Anthony’s eyes widened. “Are you trying to marry Daphne off so that she might be happy as a wife and a mother, or are you just trying to beat Mrs. Featherington to the altar?”

“The former, of course,” Violet replied in a huff, “and I am offended you would even imply otherwise.” Her eyes strayed off of Daphne and the duke for just long enough to locate Portia Featherington and her daughters. “But I certainly shan’t mind seeing the look on her face when she realizes that Daphne will make the season’s greatest match.”



With lives so closely on display, petty jealousies are sure to arise. Who has the best car, food, dinner guests, holiday displays, in-laws? What inspires envy in real-life neighbours?

A few years back, 72 point interviewed 2,000 adults, 43% of whom admitted to feeling jealous of their neighbours at times. What were the top sources of neighbour jealousy?

Top 20 things that make neighbours jealous
1.         No money worries
2.         House always looks immaculate
3.         New car
4.         Luxurious holidays
5.         Home improvements
6.         Bigger house
7.         Extension
8.         Always seem happy
9.         Bigger garden
10.       Perfectly manicured lawn
11.       Great social life
12.       Stable relationship
13.       Good work/life balance
14.       Paid off their mortgage
15.       Lots of visitors
16.       Own the latest gadgets
17.       More friends
18.       Thinner
19.       Car never breaks down
20.       They are in full time employment

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