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21 Jun 2021

Deadly Drinks

Q. Some classic cocktails come with rather fearsome names. Examples? . A. Blood and Sand Said to be named after a 1922 Rudolf Valentino movie, the original Blood and Sand combines scotch, Cherry Heering liqueur or brandy, sweet vermouth, and orange juice. . Corpse Reviver This still popular cocktail is

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17 Jun 2021

All Cloaks, Few Daggers

Q. Who knew there were so many words for cloak-like overgarments. What are some lesser-known or historic cloak words? . A. Abolla A thick, woollen cloak worn in Ancient Rome. Artois A loose, long cloak favoured by European women in the 18th Century. Capuchin A cloak with a hood, traditionally

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14 Jun 2021

Dali Had An Ocelot

Q. Who are some well-known historic figures with unusual to alarming animal friends? . A. Audrey Hepburn’s Fawn In the 1959 film ‘Green Mansions’, Audrey Hepburn plays Rima, a ‘Bird Girl’ who lives in the forest. Green Mansions was less than a hit, but in the film – and in

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09 Jun 2021

Lilibet, Elsa, or Zibby

Q. Congratulations to the Sussexes on the birth of wee Lilibet! Take it from a decidedly non-royal Elizabeth, certain names – especially those that have been around for a while – have an endless roster of commonly used variants (can we still use that word without cringing?) and nicknames. What

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