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24 Oct 2021

The Most Coveted Office Perk

Q. Fresh fruit smoothies, foosball, lunchtime mixology, boardroom climbing wall, luggage party trip draws. Over the years, tech companies especially have gone over the top to attract in-demand employees with wild office perks. Which perk do employees appreciate most? . A. Well, Future Workplace surveyed 1614 North American employees about

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21 Oct 2021

100 Best TV Shows?

Q. What do people think are the best made TV shows of the 21st Century? What do you think? . A. Cue the debate. Which of the following TV shows are on your favourites list? This month, BBC Culture polled 206 TV experts – industry insiders, critics, analysts, academics, journalists

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18 Oct 2021

First Comes Spoons, Then Comes Marriage

Q. Spoons feature prominently in the button-tight world of etiquette. Are our silver-plated friends similarly burdened with deeply rooted superstitious beliefs? . A. Spoons definitely play a strong role in old-school manners. In Emily Post’s 1922 Etiquette, for instance, we see pages devoted to teaching mischievous young boys how to

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15 Oct 2021

And Now For Our Company Song

Q. Did (do?!) any companies start the day with an official company song? . A. Imagine.. It’s your first week of work and there is lots to do: meet those people, sign those forms, get your work space in order. And there’s something else. On Friday, you will be expected

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