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22 Feb 2024

Slang Parents Hate

Q. Want to see a teenager cringe? Encourage Mum and/or Dad to throw in some ‘hip’ slang during carpool. “Oof. That sounds sus. He just salty because of your drip. Bet!” . 🤦🏽‍♀️ . A. Perhaps the best slang words are those that parents despise too much to steal and

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19 Feb 2024

Top Travel Knickknacks

Q. Many of us have specific souvenirs we are eager to bring back from specific countries. What are the most sought-after travel treasures? . A. It’s a question that the Club Med research team investigated in 2021.What did they find? . Top Souvenirs by Country Research • Antigua and Barbuda.

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17 Feb 2024

Beautiful Old

Q. How do the words we use affect our impressions of people, places, ideas or things that are ‘old?’ . A. Kintsugi. It’s a gorgeous word used to describe the Japanese practice of repairing broken ceramics with gold-dusted tree sap lacquer. No tossing that vase because it’s broken in half.

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14 Feb 2024

Lucky Clementines

Q. Happy Valentine’s Day! And prosperity, happiness, and good health to you as we usher in the Year of the Dragon. What are some signs of good fortune to mark Lunar New Year? . A. One of the most commonly offered symbols of good fortune and abundance is the orange,

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