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12 Jul 2024

The Mighty Macaron

Q. The might macaron has found its way from the secret cookbook stashes of France to baking sheets across the world. Was this colourful, easy-hide treat created to satisfy queenly cravings? . A. It was not. Though it inevitably found its way onto royal tea sets, the macaron grew up

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08 Jul 2024

Shooting Roses

Q. The glorious rose has inspired all manner of artists. Take this excerpt from ‘To All Gentleness’, a poem from William Carlos William (1883-1963): ‘Like a cylindrical tank fresh silvered upended on the sidewalk to advertise some plumber’s shop, a profusion of pink roses bending ragged in the rain –

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04 Jul 2024

Musicians On Canvas

Q. We know the art of music-making is (🧐 can be) a beautiful thing. How have renowned painters captured musicians on canvas? . A. So many gorgeous painting options. Here’s a first set… Rosso Fiorentino. Musical Angel.  1522 . Caravaggio. The Lute Player. 1595 . Caravaggio. The Musicians. 1597 .

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30 Jun 2024

13 Canadian Food Inventions

Q. Happy Canada Day Weekend! For those who live in Canada: what will you be eating to celebrate? What are some foods that were ‘invented’ in Canada? . A. Since we’re writing from BC, we’ll start in the deep woods… If you are hiking in the forest and want to

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