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21 Mar 2023

The Concert Hall To Beat

Q. Sound tastes vary, of course. As does the type of space in which different types of music are best showcased. Overall, however, which concert halls do experts feel have the best acoustics? . A. First of all: what exactly are ‘acoustics’? Merriam Webster offers: ‘a science that deals with

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17 Mar 2023

St. Patrick’s Day Green

Q. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We’ll see joyous green everywhere today – on clothes, on plates, in glasses. Sure there is green on the tri-striped Irish flag, but why the green and why today? After all, St. Patrick’s official colour is blue. . A. The green on the Irish National

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14 Mar 2023

Name That Country Motto

Q. What is the official motto for your country? . A. Chances are that you can identify the flags, national anthems, signature foods and most popular sports of a number of countries. But what about the neglected national mottos? Country Motto Challenge How many of these mottos can you link

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08 Mar 2023

Favourite Film Themes

Q. The Oscars are coming next Sunday and, with that, much reflection around all things film. What are some of your favourite movie themes of all time? How would people answer this question more broadly? . A. BBC Music Magazine led a poll around this question in 2019. The winner

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