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26 Jul 2021


Q. What are some lesser used words that describe archrivals or opponents? . A. In thinking about archrivals, we can start with the all-out despising, fight to the floor types we find in fiction: Holmes v. Moriarty, The Avengers v. Thanos, Harry Potter v. Voldemort, Jets v. Sharks. Then there

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24 Jul 2021

That Ship Name Has Sailed

Q. Why is it considered such bad luck to change a boat or ship’s name after it has been christened? . A. Life on the ocean is, as one could well imagine, rife with superstition. The naming of sea vessels is particularly fraught. Ancient Greeks would often assign their vessels

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20 Jul 2021

Favourite Cartoon Theme Songs

Q. What are your favourite cartoon theme songs? Which cartoon melodies – from your childhood, from last week – stay pleasantly lodged in your head? . A. The world of streaming puts our cartoon show theme love to the test. Do you ‘skip intro’ or do you nod and bop your

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13 Jul 2021

Tick Tock Grandfather Clock

Q. Why are they called grandfather clocks? And why do these stately time-keepers haunt so many mystery and horror stories? . A. First: what makes it a ‘grandfather clock?’ Most definitions include four key features: 1) a pendulum, 2) a wooden case, 3) tallness – generally more than 6 feet,

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