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04 Mar 2021

No Truck

Q. Where did the phrase ‘no truck’ originate? As in: “I have no truck with back room business deals.” . A. I want or have no truck with X. That is, I want no part of this. I refuse to be involved. How on earth are trucks relevant here? What

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27 Feb 2021

Spider-Man Says Hey

Q. Wakanda Forever! Now is as good a time as ever to get re-steeped in the MCU. Which words do key Avengers characters say most? . A. Someone has, of course, done the math. In 2018, data scientists Dr. Elle O’Brien and Matt Winn analyzed scripts and character word counts

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24 Feb 2021

Drinking Toast

Q. Was or, gasp, is there such a thing as toast water? . A. One thing is clear: toast water is all over Victorian to early 20th Century recipe and potion books. Albert A. Hopkins starts our toast post with his 1919 guide: ‘Home Made Beverages. The Manufacture of Non-Alcoholic and

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20 Feb 2021

Jazz Greats In Action

Q. Where can we see great photos of jazz legends in action? . A. One fantastic resource is The National Jazz Museum of Harlem, founded in 1997. An affiliate of the Smithsonian, NJMH now boasts two remarkably gifted musicians as Co-Artistic Directors: pianist, composer, and Late Night with Stephen Colbert

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