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12 Aug 2020

First Wipes, Then Cloves?

Q. If you happened to visit the Gulf Islands last August, you might have noticed two strange things: i) a lot of people smelled like cloves, ii) there were no cloves to be found in the grocery store. Why was there a late summer run on cloves and should we

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10 Aug 2020

A Trip Of Goats

Q. Ten, twenty years ago, who knew that goats would so dominate – in memes, at yoga, on Zoom. We know they can scream, sprint, hop, and dance. But what do we call this onslaught of goats? What is their collective noun? . A. A gathering of goats is officially

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05 Aug 2020

I Hear Bacon

Q. Which specific foods do you think of when you hear the words: Sizzle Snap Crunch Pop Hiss Crackle Does the sound of food – being prepared, whilst being eaten – affect our perceptions of its taste? . A. The candles are lit, the napkins tightly creased, the forks polished,

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03 Aug 2020

The Truest Friends

Q. What are the most important qualities of true friendship? All these months of social distancing have led many to think deeply about the friends they miss and treasure the most.   A. ‘I have a new friend.’ So starts the charming bestseller My Best Friend, a 2020 picture book

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