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22 Jul 2024

Rodgers + Hammerstein

Q. Creative partnerships are notoriously combustible. Yet, somehow, composer Richard Rodgers (1902-79) and dramatist/lyricist Oscar Hammerstein (1895-1960) managed to collaborate for nearly two decades, producing beloved musicals from The Sound of Music (💐) to Oklahoma, Carousal, South Pacific, The King and I. The pair also created the Cinderella musical for

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20 Jul 2024

If At First Your Invention Stinks

Q. What are some examples of inventions that were a flop to start, but then found new life put to an altogether different purpose? . A. As it turns out, there have been lots. Our first look in… Bubble Wrap How do you feel about the pop, pop, pop of

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17 Jul 2024

Travelling Solo

Q. Be it for pleasure or for work, plenty of people find themselves travelling alone. What are people looking for in the solo travel experience? . A. It’s a question American Express explored in their 2024 Global Travel Trends Report. Their respondents were more than 7,000 adults from Australia, Canada,

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15 Jul 2024

Gift Of The Drab

Q. It is too easy to plunge into the pool of corporate jargon, especially if these spray-cheese words find their way into official corporate documents. ‘Our mission critical for 2024? Effective Accelerationism.’ If we’re lucky, the jargon becomes easy company short-hand. “Ah, yes. This accelerationism does seem effective.” More likely

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