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02 Dec 2021

Of Pugs

Q. Pugs have played an outsized role in fiction. Jane Austen brings us Mansfield Park’s Lady Bertram who would rather spend time with her pug than her children. ‘To the education of her daughters Lady Bertram paid not the smallest attention. She had not time for such cares. She was

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27 Nov 2021

Most Tempting Holiday Foods

Q. As we dive deep into holiday season, do you find yourself craving certain foods? Perhaps your food cravings are nostalgic. Perhaps those holiday ads – rippled chips and french onion dip! – are doing their mischief.  Which foods do North American palates find most tempting over the winter holiday

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24 Nov 2021

Can’t Have Your Cake

Q. Oh sure. So and so wants to have their cake and eat it too. We’ve all heard the expression, but how does that make sense? What is so presumptuous about wanting to eat the cake you have bought, baked, or been gifted? . A. For starters, this is another

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20 Nov 2021

French Toast?

Q. What are the chances that the French invented French Toast, and called it ‘French Toast’? . A. The chances are slim. First: the French are more likely to call this dish, with its clever way of rescuing stale bread: ‘pain perdu’ or ‘lost bread’. Second: this bread-stretching recipe –

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