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01 Aug 2022

Hot Words

Q. What are some forgotten or little-used words relevant to hot, hot weather? Asking for a A. Apricate To luxuriate in the hot sun. Caldarium The hottest room in Roman baths. Calefaction You’re getting warmer. Calid Burning, scalding hot. Canicular Steaming, muggy hot. Dankish Humid, sticky. Drouth Good clothes-drying weather.

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23 Jul 2022

Ever Popular Picture Books

Q. If there is one type of book we read over and over, it’s picture books. As young children, as parents, as sentimental sorts of all ages. Which English language picture books have been consistently most popular over the last decades? . A. Tracking all sales in all modes in

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16 Jul 2022

You In One Word

Q. You have one word to describe yourself. What do you choose? What would others say? . A. It can feel impossible to describe ourselves in one word. Much harder than describing others, particularly those we know at a distance. But, if pressed, what would we choose for ourselves? Last

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12 Jul 2022

Deceptively Named Desserts

Q. What are some sweets that have names that are misleading and/or radically undersell their deliciousness? . A. Boston Cream Pie Sounds good enough, but two problems: it’s not pie, it’s cake. And the rounded layers of cake nestle custard, not ‘cream’. How did the official state dessert of Massachusetts

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