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21 Sep 2021

Thinking Of Loud

Q. The loudest voice ever. You might feel like you’ve heard it… hollering at a sloppy-legged goaltender, greeting a mild acquaintance two blocks back, making sure everyone in the bar knows that it’s time for shots, shots, shots, shots, shots. What constitutes a voice that most would agree is Loud?

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17 Sep 2021

Fall Favourites

Q. Chapter 16 of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s ‘Anne of Green Gables’ doesn’t bring us to a blissful cozy place with its title: ‘Diana Is Invited To Tea With Tragic Results’. Soon, however, Anne is delighting in the glories of a Prince Edward Island Fall. 🍄 ‘October was a beautiful month

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14 Sep 2021

Long Time No See, Ludwig

Q. What would it be like to lock eyes with Bach, Beethoven, or The Girl With A Pearl Earring? . A. Well, thanks to Deep Nostalgia, we are one step closer to knowing. Using AI to animate vintage photos, My Heritage is focused on the world of family albums. Millions,

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11 Sep 2021

Unsparing, Ungracious Un Words

Q. ‘Un’ words can seem unforgivably lazy. First, we invent a treasure cave of words. Then, we just slap ‘un’ on a bunch of them and claim the opposite meaning. Voila! Forgiving. Unforgiving. Grateful. Ungrateful. But, un words can also be unabashedly harsh. What are some of the most unencouraging

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