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25 May 2020

Odd Words For Everyday Things

Thanks to Phineas and Ferb, millions of families now know the name of that small, protective metal or plastic tube at the end of a shoelace. All together now… the aglet. What are some other unusual words that describe the things we do, see and use in everyday life …

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22 May 2020

Famous Dreams

Q. What are some historically famous dreams? And what does it all mean anyway? A. Frankenstein first came to Mary Shelley in a dream, Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to Robert Louis Stevenson. Prior to his assassination, President Abraham Lincoln dreamt of a corpse and the ‘subdued sobs of mourners.’

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20 May 2020

That Coffee Smell

Q. What is it about the smell of coffee? A. If you close your eyes, can you summon up the smell of coffee? The talented Haruki Murakami writes about that glorious coffee aroma in Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage. ‘Haida was very particular about coffee, always using

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18 May 2020

Can’t Spell That

Q. What are the most commonly misspelled words? A. The stories that autocorrect could tell. Are there certain words that stump us every time? “Tommorrow, Tomorow, I love ya, tommorow..” Some – student, teacher, employee, boss – have nightmares about being unable to spell simple words in public. When the

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