Not Today, Vegetables

Do not put those vegetables on my plate. Please. Do not put those vegetables on my plate.

As a childhood ‘supertaster’, few things were as terrifying as a host with a cold-hearted smile, a giant serving spoon, and an insistence on sharing all the food equally between all the guests. There is nothing super about trying to get through a bite of socks, straw, and mid-forest pond sludge.

Which vegetables do people hate the most?


We can start with the UK, where a Higgidy Poll of 2000 adults singled out Brussels sprouts as the most loathed vegetable.

UK. Most Loathed Vegetables
i. Brussels sprouts
ii. Artichoke
iii. Aubergine
iii. Celery
v. Beetroot
v. Bok choi
v. Butternut squash
v. Celeriac
ix. Broccoli
ix. Fennel
ix. Yam


And over to the US, where One Poll and Veggie Tracker surveyed 2,000 Americans about their least loved vegetables.

Least Loved Vegetables
i. Turnip
ii. Beets
iii. Radish
iv. Brussels sprouts
v. Artichoke
v. Eggplant
v. Butternut squash
viii. Zucchini
ix. Mushrooms
x. Asparagus


So as not to discourage all those optimistic veggies who have been trying so hard to up their glam and Q scores: both polls did also identify favourite national vegetables. For the US, the winners were corn and potatoes. And reigning triumphant in the UK were carrots and potatoes.


Header Photo: Filipp Romanovski



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