Words For Lockdown

What are some unusual or forgotten words that might apply to our current lives under lockdown?


From Ben Schott’s Schottenfreude. German Words For The Human Condition. 2013

• Haarmonie
Reassuring your hairdresser.

• Kühlschrankblockade
Staring at the refrigerator, hungry but unsure of what to eat.

• Saukopfsülzensehnsucht
A shameful love of bad food.

• Schnapszahlbesessenheit
A preoccupation with certain numbers or numerical phenomena.

• Straukmanöver
The short-term defense strategy of simply denying reality.

• Wohlverpackungsfreude
The uncomplicated delight of a perfectly wrapped parcel.

• Zwillingsmoral
Reading horoscopes you don’t believe in.


From  Joe Gillard’s Little Book of Lost Words. 2019

• Aprosexia
A complete inability to focus or concentrate due to a distracted, wandering mind.

• Collywobbles
Stomach pain or sickness from nervous anxiety.

• Fudgel
To pretend to work without actually doing anything.

• Latibulate
To hide in a corner.

• Quanked
Exhausted or fatigued from hard work.

• Slugabed
A person who sleeps in later than is appropriate.

• Snuggery
A small, cozy, snug place.


Header Photo: David Taffet

Photo 2: Ayla Verschueren


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