Worst First Date Food

What is the worst food to eat on a first dinner date?


From personal experience, I would advise all to stay well clear of French Onion Soup. A Food Network UK poll of 2000 Brits offers other precautions for that go/no go first stab at romance.

Worst First Date Foods

1. Spaghetti Bolognese
2. Spare Ribs
3. Garlic Bread


Another poll of thousands – courtesy of St. Pierre + One Poll – crowns their own worst foods for a first date. Seafood lovers despair…

More Things Apparently Not To Order On A First Date
i. Oysters (ahem)
ii. Mussels
iii. Sushi
iv. Crab
v. Lobster
vi. Curry
vii. Tuna steak
viii. Prawns
ix. Ribs
x. Corn on the cob


Header Photo: Amy Shamblen


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Elizabeth Newton