You Eat What With What?

Do you snack on any strange food combinations that would surprise those who don’t know you that well? Would you pair these foods  proudly in a public place, or is this strictly for in-house dining?



First things first. We Canadians are clearly not a poll-passionate people. But, the British and the Americans have answers. First, the Americans. Spam (Spam!) and OnePoll surveyed 2,000 Americans about their favourite food combinations. Their most popular unusual food combinations are revealed below. How many of these do or would you eat?

Top 10 most popular unusual food combinations 

i. French fries and chocolate milkshake
ii. Cottage cheese and fruit
iii. Fruit preserves with cheese and crackers
iv. Chocolate and popcorn
v. Peanut butter and apple
vi. Sauerkraut and cheese
vii. Cheddar cheese and apple pie
viii. French fries and pickles
ix. Cold pizza and ranch dressing
x. Sour cream and onion chips and chocolate


And now the Brits. An Ocado, Marks and Spencer survey reported that 80% of their British adults respondents enjoy a good, strange pairing now and then. How do these sound?

Top 20 most popular unusual food combinations 

i. Mixing mayonnaise and ketchup together
ii. Cheddar cheese and apple
iii. Salt and porridge
iv. Pasta and ketchup
v. Pizza and tuna
vi. Milkshake and fries
vii. Sugar sandwiches
viii. Prosciutto and melon
ix. Chocolate and crisps
x. Banana and sugar sandwiches
xi. Ham marinated and cooked in cola
xii. Strawberry and basil
xiii. French fries and pickles
xiv. Strawberries and balsamic vinegar
xv. Watermelon and feta
xvi. Baked beans and rice
xvii. Butter and sugar sandwiches
xviii. Dipping toast into tea
xix. Ketchup and rice
xx. Salad cream and sausages


Header: Natalie Toombs



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