A Whiff Of Nostalgia

Are there any scents which quickly plunk you back in your childhood?



One Poll asked this question of 2,000 adults in the UK. Do any of their answers line up with yours?

Top 20 Smells That Remind Us Of Our Childhoods
i. Fresh-cut grass
ii. Specific home-cooked meals – like Bolognese or a dinner roast
iii. Crayons
iv. Roses
v. Candies
vi. Play-Doh
vii. School smells
viii. The countryside
ix. My Mother’s perfume
x. Pencil shavings
xi. My Grandparents’ house
xii. Lavender
xiii. Medicines
xiv. The smell of paint – oil, acrylic, poster
xv. An old teddy bear or blanket
xvi. Leather
xvii. Daisies
xviii. Potpourri
xix. Wood chips on the playground
xx. Packaging from a new toy/video game


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Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton