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The loudest voice ever. You might feel like you’ve heard it… hollering at a sloppy-legged goaltender, greeting a mild acquaintance two blocks back, making sure everyone in the bar knows that it’s time for shots, shots, shots, shots, shots.

What constitutes a voice that most would agree is Loud? And how does this human loudness compare to other things that are Loud?


Well, let’s start with the Guinness Book of World Records and the award for Loudest Individual Shout. That honour goes to the UK’s Annalisa Wray whose shout of ‘Be Quiet!’ registered at 121.7 Decibels (C-Weighted).

How loud is that? Loud. Awfully close to stock car race loud, according to this chart from University of Michigan Health.



And how does the loudest shouting human rank amongst other noisy species? The National Geographic Australia offers a clue or two with their list of Loud, Loud Animals

So Loud

i. Tiger Pistol Shrimp. 200 Decibels
ii. Blue Whale Whistling Calls. 188dB
iii. Greater Bulldog Bat’s Echolocation. 140dB
iv. Male Kakapo’s Mating Call. Up to 132dB.
🎯 Annalisa Wray’s 121.7 Decibal ‘Be Quiet’ shout 🎯
v. Green Grocer Cicadas. 120dB
vi. Lion’s Roar. 114dB
vii. Water Boatman Insect’s Stridulation. 99dB
viii. Coqui Frog Croaking. 90-100dB
ix. Wolf Howl. 90dB
x. Howler Monkey Call. 90dB


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