Leap Less

What are some idioms that caution us to avoid being too rash or impulsive?



Not surprisingly – given our well-documented human impetus for action – there are lots. This, particularly, when we’re courting danger! So, the don’ts follow…

• Buy a pig in a poke
• Carry too much sail
• Catch at straws
• Count your chickens before they are hatched
• Fire from the hip
• Go out of your depth
• Go to sea in a sieve
• Lean on a broken reed
• Leap before you look
• Like a bull at the gate
• March up to the cannon’s mouth
• Put one’s head in a lion’s mouth
• Sail too near the wind
• Shoot from the lip
• Shoot from the hip
• Sleep on a volcano
• Take a leap in the dark
• Take the ball before the bound
• Throw caution to the wind



Header Photo: Kid Circus


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Elizabeth Newton