Lies Parents Tell

Leaf through enough children’s books and you’ll start to see a pattern: parents telling a lot of little lies and kids starting to doubt them. What are the most common ways in which parents try to bamboozle their progeny?


Blue Cross UK surveyed 2,000 parents about the little lies they tell their children. The most common?

Top 20 Parental Lies

i. Father Christmas is watching you.
ii. We’ll see.
iii. We’re almost there.
iv. We’ll come back another time.
v. Carrots will make you see in the dark.
vi. I always know when you’re lying.
vii. We can come back and buy that toy next time.
viii. I didn’t bring my purse with me today.
ix. If you watch the television too much, your eyes will go square.
x. If you keep making that face, the wind will change and it will freeze.
xi. If you tell lies, your nose will grow.
xii. If you touch it, it will break.
xiii. They don’t sell replacement batteries for that toy.
xiv. If you swallow chewing gum it stays in your stomach for seven years.
xv. There are fairies at the bottom of the garden.
xvi. When the ice cream truck plays that music, it’s run out of ice cream.
xvii. If you leave the house with wet hair, you’ll get sick.
xviii. This is medicine, you wouldn’t like it.
xix. Father Christmas prefers a beer and crisps to a mince pie and milk.
xx. Your pet went to live on a farm in the country




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Elizabeth Newton