11 May 2022

Worst First Date Food

Q. What is the worst food to eat on a first dinner date? . A. From personal experience, I would advise all to stay well clear of French Onion Soup. A Food Network UK poll of 2000 Brits offers other precautions for that go/no go first stab at romance. Worst

11 Apr 2022

Sweeter Than Sweet

Q. Has sweet food gotten sweeter? Are there any sweets that are too sweet for even your sweet tooth? . A. “It’s way too sweet”. In a machine learning analysis of almost 400,000 Amazon food reviews, behavioural geneticist Dr. Danielle Reed and her research team found that complaints of over-sweetness

08 Apr 2022

No Egg In This Plant

Q. Why is the long purple eggplant called an ‘eggplant’? What part of that shape and that colour says egg? . A. The eggplant gets its name from a different species of eggplant, one that is white, egg-shaped, and was far more common in centuries gone by. This eggplant  –

16 Mar 2022

Eating Artichokes

Q. Ready your plates. It’s National Artichoke Hearts Day. This high-class thistle has inspired many an artist, but place said muse on a lunch plate and we diners can start to panic. “How do I eat this thing?” . A. Etiquette experts old and new to the rescue. In her

24 Feb 2022

Apex Comfort Foods

Q. It’s been one of those days. You can’t wait to get home to your fleece-lined sleepers, your favourite chair, the latest episode of whatever you’re streaming, and… what food? What comfort meal is going to help you relax and reset? . A. Does soup burble near the top of

24 Jan 2022

Dead Man’s Butter

Q. What are some of the most wicked superstitions people have followed to get more food? . A. 17th Century Shetland has a nominee. The grim Dead Man’s Hand was all too tempting for those looking to bolster their own food stores whilst exacting revenge on know-it-all neighbours. ⛔️ Step #1:

06 Jan 2022

Rx Chocolate

Q. In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Professor RJ Lupin first offers Harry a therapeutic slab of chocolate to revive our young wizard after a traumatic encounter with train-storming dementors. ‘A loud snap made them all jump. Professor Lupin was breaking an enormous slab of chocolate into pieces.

27 Dec 2021

These Holiday Candies Are The Worst

Q. “Go on! Have one.” You are the surprise recipient of neighbourhood candy. Now, the gift-giver is waiting for you to tuck in and eat a couple. What type of holiday candy would you be most horrified to discover inside this meticulously wrapped box? How do your candy peeves compare

13 Dec 2021

Oh Beautiful Bread Machine

Q. While some of you brilliant bakers are yeasting your bread up from scratch, many of us are marvelling at the ease of our hulking bread machines. What to sprinkle in next? And who invented this magical maker of bread? . A. Thank African American Joseph Lee for this almost-homemade,

20 Nov 2021

French Toast?

Q. What are the chances that the French invented French Toast, and called it ‘French Toast’? . A. The chances are slim. First: the French are more likely to call this dish, with its clever way of rescuing stale bread: ‘pain perdu’ or ‘lost bread’. Second: this bread-stretching recipe –