20 Jan 2023

We’re In The Cheese

Q. Happy National Cheese Lovers’ Day! How best to celebrate this glorious occasion? . A. Today’s cheese fest is rooted in the U.S. who in 2022 – according to Statista – rated second in the world for overall cheese consumption. The EU was first. Cheese consumption, for those aiming for

06 Jan 2023

Big On Brunch

Q. Canadian Pride! We have been enjoying watching Dan Levy’s ‘The Big Brunch’, with co-judges Sohla El-Waylly and Will Guidara, and a talented roster of socially-minded contestant chefs. In doing so, we came to wonder: what’s the history of this most delicious late morning meal? . A. The origins of

27 Dec 2022

Love It Or Hate It Foods

Q. We’ve seen the great divide around certain candies. Candy corn, holiday peeps, nougat – were you a ‘love’ or a ‘hate’ on those? What are some other foods that tend to divide us? . A. Be it the texture, the smell, the childhood memories, or the quality of the taste

30 Oct 2022

Canada Has Halloween Opinions

Q. We’re one day away (🦹🏼‍♀️). What do Canadians have to say about Halloween 2022? . A. Abacus Data had questions, so they interviewed 1500 Canadians, weighing the responses to mirror Canadian demographics. Their findings? Trick or Treat? Will this be a slow or busy year for your neighbourhood? Time

22 Sep 2022

Second Breakfast For Hobbit Day

Q. Happy Hobbit Day! September 22nd is for hobbitses as it marks both Bilbo and Frodo Baggins’ birthdays. So: take off your shoes, grab a cloak and a girdle, and let’s get celebrating. In honour of Tolkien’s hobbits, it is only fair that we eat second breakfasts all week. But,

17 Sep 2022

Fall Favourite Foods

Q. The September crisp is most definitely in the air. What are your favourite foods for a chilly fall day? . A. To get us ready for fall – which, Farmers’ Almanac tells us starts on Thursday, September 22, 2022, at 9:04 p.m. EDT-  Food Network asked readers to identify

10 Aug 2022

1900’s Swizzle + Food Slang

Q. So many cultures are rich in food-related slang. What are some English examples from the last century? . A. Here’s a sampling of food and drink slang words from A Dictionary of Slang and its Analogues. Past and Present. First compiled by Editors John S. Farmer and W.E. Henley

12 Jul 2022

Deceptively Named Desserts

Q. What are some sweets that have names that are misleading and/or radically undersell their deliciousness? . A. Boston Cream Pie Sounds good enough, but two problems: it’s not pie, it’s cake. And the rounded layers of cake nestle custard, not ‘cream’. How did the official state dessert of Massachusetts

17 Jun 2022

With This Wedding Cake

Q. We are well into wedding season now. What are some wedding cake-related superstitions? . A. This sweet embodiment of forever love is rife with superstitions. Pity the Medieval couples forced to seal the fate of their marriage with wedding cake jenga. Great piles of spice buns were piled one

11 May 2022

Worst First Date Food

Q. What is the worst food to eat on a first dinner date? . A. From personal experience, I would advise all to stay well clear of French Onion Soup. A Food Network UK poll of 2000 Brits offers other precautions for that go/no go first stab at romance. Worst